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Day of the Dragon


This map has been in the creation mode for about one and ahalf years, and is this developer's second campaign, The first of [b]OutsiderXE's[/b] campaign was his [i]'Lord of the Clans'[/i]. He has
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also stated that this will be his last work, as he wants to move onto either WoW or StarCraft II. The campaign follows the story of the vook "Day of the Dragon", by Richard A. Knaak. It's timeline is set between the Wc2-Addon and a few years before WC3. As with LotC, [b]OutsiderXE[/b] didn't follow the storyline exactly, due to the fact that it's impossible, if at least you want to have decent gameplay. It would have been better as a cinematic-series otherwise. The campaign contains 15 maps. 8 normal. 3 you could call sub-maps. And 4 cinematic maps, one of which you will only be able to see if you complete all optional quests as a bad guy. There are more features to the campaign of course, but you'll have to see for yourself. Suffice to say that there's a lot of optional stuff. Some texts maybe be too long or too short, depending on the time the stay on screen and the time you need to read. Chapter 1 - The soldiers of the second optional quest may stay invulnerable after attacking the business man. Chapter 2 - The needed mortar team may die too soon. Chapter 2 - Units may stay unvilnerable after cinematics when they should not. Chapter 2 - The grutns at the end may irritate/block themselves. Chapter 3 - Units after cinematics may be owned by the wrong player. Chapter 4 - After saving/loading the game may not recognize certain Items anymore, and make further it impossible to continue. Chapter 5 - After saving/loading the game may not recognize certain Items anymore, and make further it impossible to continue. Chapter 5 - The AI in the Ysera-Level may look for your base without success. Chapter 6 - Problems with game balance. Chapter 6 - (CAREFUL: There are 3 optional quests, and it was fully intented that you can only finish 2 of them.) Chapter 8 - Trees and other doodads may be invisible. Chapter 8 - Nekros is invulnerable. Chapter 8 - Ysera or Alexstrasza can't fly. Chapter 8 - Korialstrasz stays in air when changing back from Dragon Form. Chapter 8 - Alexstrasza casts spells without orders from the player.

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