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Half-Life 2: Synergy: v2.1 Patch


The [url=""]Synergy[/url] mod team have released a patch for their Half-life 2 coop modification. This will patch you up to version 2.1. [b]Changelog:[/b] - Fixed
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bug where game_player_equip would not allow you to recieve more than 1 weapon of the same type - Fixed bug where HUD target ID would display NPC health incorrectly - Updated scoring system - Fixed bug where players could spawn behind locked doors or get players stuck using the new spawn system - Fixed bug where players could not always spawn near the player of their choice or spawn in free-roaming mode - Fixed player-boosting hull sizes (players were getting stuck in the other player or could not hop on top) - Fixed many misc bugs that would crash servers (shakescreens, vehicles, pickup objects, etc.) - Disabled "player_loadsaved" entity that would get 1 player in the server stuck and/or blind when triggered - Fixed entity name translation for CS:S and DOD:S levels Mr.Hankey on - Added basic weapon customization for level creators (use "customweapon" keyvalue in Hammer) - Added "Enable", "Disable" and "Toggle" inputs for func_precipitation (upon request) - Updated Flaregun and Flare entities, more like Beta 1 and 2 (pre-port) - Updated thirdperson view, fixed choppy animations for local player - Tweaked the character selection UI - Enabled "cl_righthand" client console variable (for the left-handed people) - Fixed bug where NPCs that were looking for grounded weapons, would crash the server - Added console command "holsterweapon" which will make you put away your weapon (could be used for role-playing) - Fixed thirdperson view drawing the firstperson view muzzleflash upon firing your weapon - Updated Panthereye NPC AI - Fixed a bug where HUD weapon load would crash the server if buffer ran out of space - Added new "Synergy Mod Settings" GUI, so people can easily mount other Steam applications and set client variables specific to Synergy - Fixed bug where players would be awarded points worth more than the NPC had in health - Added ability for players to have their own personalized color (for flares) - Personal player colors now affect SLAMs and grenades, as well as flares - Personal player colors now reflect what team the player is on, in Teamplay games - Restored player view kick for melee weapons (crowbar and stunstick) - Ladder footstep sounds are now played while on both ladder types - Updated "Wall Hop" code, added console variable "sv_wallhop_scale" - Added console variable "mp_crowbar_backdeath" to have players kill other players and/or NPCs instantly when hit in the back with crowbar - Added console variable "sv_jump_viewkick" so player view will kick up a bit when jumping (speed is factor) - Fixed bug where player sounds would emit from entry-point of vehicle when in a vehicle - Fixed bug where an invalid player animation would be played when switching weapons after jumping Lots of great fixes/tweaks. Grab your update now and get to the zombie killin!

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