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Company of Heroes

War on AI MOD


This mod is made for who play COH mostly skirmish against AI, and dislike infantile things. In addition some things that Ai handle stupidly was removed and some stuff changed in order to AI will not
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hadle stupidly anymore. v1.1 Changes: ------------- - compatible with COH 1.3 patch - added tranktrap bug fix - added field repair ability to both sides vehicle repair available only in occupied territory, during the process movement and weapons are disabled. - added medical kit to both sides use of medical kit available only in cover, during the process movement and usage of weapons are reduced. - added buiding autorepair ability to both sides (due to poor AI repair activity) only available for manufacturer buldings (one action cost 10 fuel, 50 manpower, 5 munition) - jeep and motorcycle are retreating if they pinned - vehicles with damaged engine are forced to retreat - vehicles with destroyed gun are forced to retreat - vehicles with destroyed engine are no more move - destroyed AT guns no more explode - tanks more accurate against At guns - ballistic weapons make much more damage against armors. - range of mortars increased to 120 m - axis defensive bombardment with modified artillery weapon enabled on capture points (requires 1 command points) - rangers can be build in barrack - two types (stuka, flamethrower) of axis halftracks can be build separately - armorskirt upgrade now requires fuel instead of ammo - speed of infantry are reduced in some cases - added popcap changer for human player at HQ. You can reduce your max popcap to 66% for bigger challange. v1.0 Changes: ------------- - occlusion of units removed - tracers removed from rifles and smgs - projectile smoke removed from none missile weapons - projectile speed of tankguns/atguns increased significantly - small arms weapons range increased to 40-55 meters - tankgun/atgun weapons range increased to 65-95 meters - tankgun/atgun reload time increased and randomized - atgun movement speed reduced - damage of infantry antitank weapons increased - only one antitank weapons per squad allowed - strategic/fuel/munitions point capture time raised to 60 seconds - strategic/fuel/munitions point revert time raised to 180 seconds - (other) buildings can be build only in command territory - command tree disabled granted abilities to axis ~ Off map artillery (requires 3 command points) ~ Off map mortar barrage ~ Off map Stormtrooper reinforcements ~ Off map Volksgrenadier reinforcements with Stug (requires 2 command points) ~ Inspired assault granted abilities to allies ~ Off map artillery (requires 3 command points) ~ Bomber run (requires 3 command points) ~ Strafing run ~ Off map Paradrop reinforcements ~ Off map Rifleinfantry reinforcements with armored vehicle (requires 2 command points) - to build units requires manpower and munition costs - to build vehicles requires manpower, munition and fuel costs - some tanks can be upgraded with armorskirt and/or top Mgun - population cap doubled - all units have limited number to build (1-4) - squad loadout increased (5-7-9 persons depend on squad types) - added buildible vehicles to axis ~ transport truck ~ Tiger ~ flak88 - added buildible vehicles to allies ~ transport truck ~ M26 Pershing ~ Sherman Calliope - allies motorpool, 2nd_motorpool working as repair station (equipped with 2 repair_engineer who automaticly find and repairs damaged vehicles in 75 m radius) - axis company_support_building, batallion_support_building working as repair station (equipped with 2 repair_pioneers who automaticly find and repairs damaged vehicles in 75 m radius) - changed AI behaviour ~ increased cover search radius ~ buildorder reworked ~ modified fallback and retreat values ~ increased aggressiveness ~ engagement distance of units doubled to 70 meters ~ Ai allways builds medic station ~ no more engineer/tank spam - added retreat ability (and button) for vehicles Installation: ------------- First make a backup of RelicCOH.English.ucs file (find it EngineLocalEnglish folder) then copy all files into your COH directory. Create a new shortcut to run this mod like "C:Program FilesTHQCompany of HeroesRelicCOH.exe" -nomovies -modname mytest -dev

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