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I have made alterations to the Command Point limits in BFME II. *Note, this will GREATLY increase the number of units that may be produced by the player as well as the computer opponents.The
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command points have been raised to 6,000, but the total command points that you may be alloted can exceed this figure (6,000 is not the maximum). The minimum command points (starting command points) have been raised as well. *Note, with increased numbers of units gameplay may suffer from lags dependign upon your particular computer\'s setup. With higher possible command points, I\'ve also increased the amount of command points awarded for building resource structures, i.e., farms, furnaces, lumber mills, slaughter houses, waffle houses, and houses of ill repute, from 50 to 500. That means a five hundred command point increase for every farm built. It is necessary, otherwise it would take too long to raise your command points high enough to be useful as well as too coslty in cash and space. I have not altered the number of command points awarded by dormitories or statues and the like. Fortresses also provide 500 Cpts. *Note: I am running a Pentium 4 HT, with an ATI Radeon 9550 256MB graphics card, with 2 Gigabytes of RAM. I have the game\'s visual effects set at a variety of levels. I find medium-to-low levels work best (obviously), but my settings range from high, to medium, to low. Depending on the capabilities of your computer you may want to adjust the graphics setting accordingly. Things like the appearance of water don\'t really matter to me so I set those lower, just whatever you like. I suggest getting more RAM regardless of whether or not this mod works, it is cheap compared to the benefits. Way faster load times (games and other software), and more crap on screen at once. I can minimize a game and go surf the net with half a dozen web pages open and jump right back into the game without any problem. Also, when exiting the game when you\'re done playing the computer sometimes takes a minute or two before it really starts working smoothly again, but with more memory everything works smoothly all the time. More RAM is a really great buy. And the ATI Radeon 9550 is a great card for the price, but don\'t pay more than 80.00 for it these days if you can even find it. It plays F. E. A. R. on medim settings without a hitch. Strategy: I only play against the computer on Medium difficulty to avoid its use of spell abilities, they just wipe out all your work too fast. I like long, many hour games with vast expansive fortress and wall complexes and battlements (see Future Mods). The computer will take full advantage of the increased command points. If you\'re playing against a faction like the Goblins, you will be immediately bombarded by hordes upon hordes of infantry, archers, and a few trolls. Which ever faction/s you play against and which ever you choose for yourself, I suggest building only two or three resource structures at the maximum at first, and in as close proximity to your base as possible. Build up your base (fortress) defenses as well as possible while building a number of good ranged attack units, and protect them all as well as possible. No matter what happens the first few time you play, don\'t worry, you\'ll get the hang of it. Balance between maybe one or two medium heros in the beginning has well. Once you\'re certain that you\'re base is safe from the waves of infantry, you can start to expand. Build garrisonable towers wherever possible to gaurd any unprotected structures away from your base, I reccomend at least on for every farm outside your base, garrisoned with archers of some kind. This eats up some command points, but you should have plenty to spare now. That\'s about it for strategy. Online Play: In order to play using this mod for online multiplayer games, all of your opponents must be equipped with an identical INI.big file in their BFME 2 folders. I don\'t play online so I\'m not sure if it will crash, but I think the effects of the mod might just not work. I don\'t know. Future Mods: I have always hated how weak walls and defensive structures are, so I\'ve begun workin on a mod that will include increased command points just as with this mod (I don\'t play any other way now), unit modifications as far as cost, offensive/definsive strength, build times, et cetera. One specific example would be my alterations to the elven archer types. I always figured they should have greater range, attack power, and an increased rate of fire than other factions\' archers. So now they\'ll be worth the money. I will aslo fiddle with the build times, cost, and health of many structures, especially garrisonable towers, walls, and fortresses. Costs of heros and their build times and strengths will be modified to my like or to yours should any of you actually read this and care to email me. Specifics: Although I have not settled on anything, the elven archer types will have significantly raised rates of fire and range. Legolas\' rate of fire and other elven heros will have very great range and firing rates as well. I plan also to make a few tweaks to the spell book effects as well. Minor things like increasing the duration of say, tainted land and its counterpart. How large an area gets tainted, much larger area. Possibly adjust the spell book timers. I\'m still trying to work on a way to get Gandalf to be able to summon eagles as as a personal spell, or create a Radagast the Brown character that does it. Heal times may be altered for certain units. The radius of affect for wells, hearths and statues will likely be increased. Upgrade costs will likely be reduced across the board (speeding up the boring parts of the game). Costs of upgrades reduced. I still don\'t know how to change how fast a unit or units runs or moves. Attack speed or frequency of attack is easy, but I can\'t get them to run faster. Elves need to be swift. Well that\'s all I can think of for now, though I\'m sure I\'ve forgotten some things. Most of this if really easy to do. For those of you who want to try modding BFME 1, 2, and probably RotWK files yourself download a file called \"Final Big Editor,\" or email me and I\'ll send it to you. Use the editor to open INI.big files. Most of the moddifaction I do occur in a directory called gamedata.ini, which is inside the INI.big file. Always remember to make a backup.

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