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Corrupt Jan


I'd like to take this opportunity to remind people that when you are rude and condescending in your e-mail and your read-me, you will be treated in a similar manner in your review. So this is
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version 4 of the Corrupt Jan skin, when we're finally officially told this is supposed to look like a Corrupt Rogue from Diablo II. Not that it really does in anything but the most minor of similarities, those being that this skin is (1) female, and (2) pale. Nothing else even suggests that this skin is supposed to be a corrupt rogue unless you count the sounds. The execution of this skin is sloppy, at best. The skin has been brightened to a level where any detail it once held is gone. It's basically Jan with white skin, and some very blurry black and red spots on her face and arms. I've been playing Diablo II for at least five years and this looks nothing like one of the rogues. I know I've never seen a rogue in mechanic's gear. In fact, as I recall they wore black, and very little of it. It seems many of the features between versions have been added in a desperate attempt to win over downloaders to boost the download count, because if there's another reason for them I can't really claim to understand it. For instance if someone here can tell me the last time they saw a corrupt rogue glow, please let me know. The author also couldn't be bothered to change the icon or submit screenshots since the first version. You remember - back when Corrupt Jan was [i]blue[/i]. The lack of both time, effort, and skill put into this skin tells me a coupe of things. Firstly, this author doesn't have a lot of skinning experience. Secondly, the author can't be bothered to put out decent work. People who take themselves seriously at least change the icons between versions :rolleyes:. By the way, this skin uses the JK2 Jan model. I did a double take on the read-me to make sure if was for JA, so I can't fathom the point in using an outdated model when the JA model is perfectly available. So enjoy unnecessary animation glitches! [b]Team Support[/b]: Yes [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]NPC Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Sounds[/b]: Yes ~Inyri

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