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Knight & War Tauntaun


Tobe, when I dominate the world, you shall be one of the few to receive a portion of my massive empire. And I do promise it will be worth your while =_,= Tobe\'s powerful arts conjure up yet
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another masterpiece, but with a less magical approach. The result is an imperial saboteur reskin, and while a little basic, the objective is to view the pack as a whole. The following is contained within the pack: - Knight Reskin, complete with team skins and NPC/Bot Support The skin, while not as shockingly glamorous as Tobe\'s other works, is quite well-done. The plating looks like plating,and the parts underneath are equally textured well. My few suggestions would be to find some new sounds other than Jaden for once. I know for a fact knights never knew the jedi. I made sure of that personally. My other nitpick is probably the helmet. Was the chin guard necessary? I can hardly see that being a plausible helmet. Well, perhaps it could be, but I think it would have done better off with a visor or something. However, that\'s improbable for that model. - Tauntaun Reskin Yes, there are 3 vehicles in this pack. Each contains a magnificently skinned tauntaun of evil that I daresay is too awesome even for me to ride. (I usually ride a floating platform of bones.) There\'s nothing much more to say about this other than well done, human. =_,= - 6, count \'em 6, weapons to go into battle with Tobe\'s weapons are almost as enchanting as the skins he makes. What we\'re brought today are: 2 banners (red and blue), sword, shield, mace, and a lance. Each are skinned so as to make them seem normal, but Tobe had to add a touch of attractive flare to them. The end result? 6 weapons for the avid old school weapons collector. And for a final note, Tobe always adds little extras in his zip to spice up your experience. However for the sake of being evil and spiteful, I shall retain their secrecy. That way you\'ll HAVE to surrender your bandwidth to see it =_,O I know you already feel the urge to download it...go on, I DARE YOU TO CLICK. CLICK IT NOW! Must I click it for you? Bah..stop reading this and surrender the bandwidth already! =_O+ Bot Support:Aye NPC Support:Aye New Sounds:Nay(Jaden) Team Support:Nay - Averus Retruthan

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