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Sith Lords Pack


To begin, let me say that this is a very basic pack. Do not let the size fool you. This mod pack here contains the following: - Darth Jion skin - Custom Character Skins - Saber retextures
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and sounds. - New Menu - 3 maps - a small .cfg that\'s probably useless to you all I shall review these items of malevolent darkness in that order. Firstly, the Darth Jion skin. A basic reborn skin that was totally black and would have been a great success if not for one fatal flaw: the author attempted to use a cultist face texture for a reborn. The result is a twisted and contorted face. You\'re lucky I do not unleash my horde of Blade Harpies upon you for such sightlessness =_O! Proceeding forward, we arrive at the custom character reskins. While there is no script with a title on them,(see example in screenshot.) this is but a simple blackening of the clothing. Fashionable, but very simple if you ask me. With little to say about that, I shall proceed forward. =_= The saber retextures were quite primitive. The result was a simply blocky saber. A trail was lacking, so it felt like I was wielding a stick instead of a glowy saber. The sounds were...okay I suppose. Sabers sound all alike to me with the exception of a few sounds that entice my ears. The new menu was basically a red overhaul of the menu itself. Once again, very primitive and basic, but in my opinion it achieves an alright effect. The mouse cursor is all red, there is an Imperial March theme (though of questionable quality) playing in the background, and the menus themselves are all red. While I like it, it seems awfully effortless. The 3 maps. Yes, there are 3, but they are virtually the same: a simple box with a couple of buttons to spawn NPCs and open a barrier. The End. The maps were intended for ranks of the sith, as to be expected. While these maps were utilitarian, the author failed to put enough spawn points in the maps to prevent everyone from being crushed. Of course, if people could be PATIENT, it\'s possible to get along fine without that =_O *wags scythe at the public* The configuration is simply a set of commands that were intended for JA. If you want to work with it go ahead. Otherwise, I\'d suggest ignoring it if you don\'t know what the commands are meant for.(Or if you don\'t agree with those settings.) Overall, a very basic and primitive pack. I foresee that the author was doing what I do: Poke-Jab modding. Translated, it basically means the author did very simple alterations and innovations to make the whole pack look good. Not very impressive, but perhaps this could be of interest to some of the public. Make your pilgramage to the temple should you wish to take this. - Averus Retruthan

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