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Company of Heroes



This mod is based on the EnhancedCombat mod ver. 1.13. This mod basically changes the german grenadiers with paratroopers and adds variety to both axis and allied units. All vehicle markings had been
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removed and replaced with edited skins. Especially the axis infantry and vehicle skins were lots of work. Many stats have been changed to produce balance between realism and gameplay. Elite units are true elite units now. You have to watch out for them! Your tanks have to be accompanied by infantry or will be quickly lost. Axis needs time to get started. But as soon as it can produce tanks it is very dangerous. Allies are great in numbers but have also skilled elite troops. =================Units================= Axis: Infantry: - \"Volksgrenadier Trupp\" as new cheap intrantry - limited to 3 - \"Ostbattalion Trupp\" as new cheap intrantry - limited to 3 - \"Fallschirmjaeger\" paradropable, armed with Panzerfaust - limited to one (Jump qualified Fallschirmjaegers were quite rare then) - \"Fallschirmjaeger Sturmgruppe\" elite infantry armed purely with automatic weapons, close combat unit. - limited to 2 - \"Fallschirmjaeger Waffen Gruppe\" elite infantry armed with support weapons (Mg42s, Panzerschreck and Kar98k ZF) - limited to 1 - \"Waffen-SS Sturmgruppe\" elite infantry armed with automatic weapons and flamethrowers (upgrade) - limited to 2 - \"Waffen-SS Waffen Gruppe\" elite infantry armed with support weapons (Mg42s, Panzerschreck(upgrade) and Kar98k ZF) - limited to 1 - \"Waffen-SS Scharfschuetztentrupp\" elite sniper team, observer with G43 ZF and Sharpshooter with Kar98k ZF - limited to 1 - \"Sturmpionierabteilung\" elite combat pioneers - limited to 1 - \"Spaehtrupp\" 5 man recon party, includig officer (may call in mortar support) and mg42. - limited to 2 vehicles: - \"Opel Blitz\" from SinglePlayer - \"Flakvierling 38\" from SinglePlayer - limited to 2 - \"88\" - limited to 2 - \"Tiger Ass\" buildable. - limited to 1 - \"Krad Staffel\" 3 Motorcycles per squad. - limited to 2 - All vehicles have new skins and are limited (most to 3) Allies: Infantry: - US \"Bazooka Team\" - limited to 3 - US \"Rifle Squad\" light infantry cosisting of an officer and 7 rifleman, these are 2nd line troops and have little combat value. - US \"Reinforced Rifle Squad\" reinfoced regular infantry squad - limited to 3 - US \"Reinforced Rifle Squad\" reinfoced regular infantry squad - limited to 3 - US \"Medic\" - limited to 1 - US \"101st ABD Parasquad\" paradropable elite infantry - limited to 3 - US \"101st ABD Riflesquad\" elite infantry with high firepower - limited to 2 - US \"101st ABD heavy weapon squad\" elite infantry with support weapons - limited to 1 - US \"101st ABD Platoon Leader squad\" 6 men squad includig BAR and 2 snipers - limited to 1 - US \"Ranger Assault Element\" heavy elite infantry - limited to 2 - US \"Ranger Team\" heavy elite infantry with limited AT capabilities - limited to 2 - US \"Ranger Support Element\" heavy elite infantry with suppoert weapons - limited to 1 vehicles: - US \"Deuce and a Half CCKW\" from SinglePlayer - All vehicles have new skins and are limited (most to 4) - Transport Trucks (e.g. Opel Blitz) can transport and reinforce units - !!!!American and German Tanks have Armour Skirts and Machinegun upgrade selections for each single unit (as the Greyhound had it before)!!!! - nearly all weapon, health and armor values have been edited in some way. =================Custom/Others================= - Change ammo cap/fire rate of many weapons (best e.g. the Sturmgewehr 44) - (More) realistic vehicle- and weaponnames - Units + Ability costs redone - Higher Units Cap. - Blitzkrieg Doctrine : Replace Stormtroopers with Fallschirmjägers - Howitzer Ability changed with Radio Operator - SMG,RIFLE,CARBINE Tracers removed (not HMGs) - Shellsmoke removed, Shellspeed higher

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