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Star Trek Armada 2: The Dominion War


Surprise! I was able to correct those evil ODF errors, and now the mod is ready for 1.0 release! Here’s a lowdown of what the mod does: Star Trek Armada 2: The Dominion war is meant to put the
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player in the middle of the Dominion War, either on the Federation or the Dominion, and place units smartly to survive. My goal was to put the “S” back in RTS. Too many people are playing A2 the way it wasn’t meant to be played: Building QehRals/Galaxies/Venators/Fusion Cubes/Etc as fast as they can, then obliterating the enemy base. Did the Federation assemble 50 galaxy class starships, and then blow Cardassia to pieces? I think not. I’ve made A2 a thinking man’s game, like the developers intended it to be: Build Times are longer, Costs are higher, and ships are way better balanced. This may be the most canon mod to date :D . I want the player to use his units wisely, to think before he sends ships into combat, to guard what is most important with the most ships…you get the idea ;) . There are a few big changes though, the main ones being the taking away of the Tachyon Detection grid and the ability to colonize planets. I took these away because A) Cloaking was used a lot in DS9 episodes, and there were hardly, if any at all, uses of TDGs. B) When you are at war, why colonize a new planet near the enemy? You are almost sentencing those poor colonists to death… Unfortunately, there may be a few bugs still. One that I know about is that the Instant Action menu displays all races, but this mod is meant to have only the Federation and Cardassian (Dominion). If I can fix it, look for it in the 1.1 patch. If you play with either Feds or Dom. vs another race, it would be terribly unbalanced... Those Probems aside, I think this is my best work, and I would highly recommend downloading it. You won't be dissaponted :D Here are some pictures of In-Game Action: [img][/img] [b]The Rotarran and Defiant cloaked in enemy territory [img][/img] The Defiant overseeing the construction of a new Miranda class starship [img][/img] A Galor class starship under attack by two Galaxy classes [img][/img] Gul Dukat and Weyoun plotting their next move[/b]

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