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Unreal Tournament 2003

BR-Chaos Double Run (3 maps)


First things first. This is not just a map. Ok, well it is, but it makes enough changes to almost be considered a mod as well. I will address both in turn, the mod, and then the map. THE MOD:
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In essence this mod pulls a switch-a-roo with the standard BR style of play. Instead of two team goals at either end of a map, and the ball in the middle, you now have two balls (get your mind out of the gutter, you pervs) and one goal. This concept changes the way you play BR. Now, both teams can be in possession of a ball, and make a run to the goal. After one team scores, the goal is rendered useless until the next round. If you're confused, download this now and try it out. Playing this map will clarify how things work so much better than me spouting nonsense. There are some bugs that need working out, but I will direct you to the read me file for a list. As the author says, this is only the beginnings of a concept. And that concept is great. Yes, it needs some work to make it fully playable, but this idea needs to be expanded on. The few matches I played were fast paced and required a total rethink of strategies used. I can see this becoming very popular when finished. I strongly recommend you give this a try, as it may well be a taste of things to come. THE MAP: I honestly expected a crap map. I was wrong (again : ). The author was thoughtful enough to include a DM version for your fragging pleasure. This is a three tiered circular map, and you can cross between each level using teleporters, or just T/L if that's your thing. Weapon placement is great, with all the good stuff on top, and the standard stuff easily accessible on the lower level. Flow was nice, and the map plays great. The map alone is worth the download. All in all, I really hope to see more of the same from Excelsiore. ~rAzOr~ Click here to Enlarge [img][/img]

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