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LJK Clan Skin


This clan skin, made for the [url=""]Last Jedi Knights[/url], seems to be a cultist with various photoshop filters thrown on top. I must say this skin is much cooler
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looking from a distance (as you can see by the screenshots), as close up you can see precisely which filters were used and it somewhat loses its neatness. I'm assuming one of the main filters used here was the glowing edges filter. However it was made, the default cultist skin has now been turned mostly black, with some "glowing" portions around the edges of the pieces of the texture. Of course they don't actually glow (although that would, indeed, be very cool) but from a distance you kind of get that effect. Up close it's far too easy to see the individual lines, and it simply becomes lackluster. Now that we've covered the basic idea of the skin, what's the first rule when it comes to clan skins? Plaster your clan tag on somewhere visible, usually in opaque letters, and usually over important pieces of the skin (like, in this case, suspenders). Why you would want to past your clan tag over a piece of the skin that is supposed to look raised strikes me as kind of silly, as it somewhat removes the "raised" effect the texture was supposed to convey. To also not incorporate the text into the skin (you could easily make it a patch, or some kind of embroidery) also always struck me as odd, but it is, unfortunately, all to common to simply paste it on top without regard to what it's covering. A shame, indeed. Some of the best clan skins I've seen are the ones that incorporated each part into the skin itself, rather than having a skin with pieces added helter skelter as most do. For a clan skin, this certainly isn't bad. It could, of course, be better and more unique, but it's a good start. I personally would like to see a clan skin that really reflects this clan. I don't see a black cultist with glowy lines really symbolizing "The Last Jedi Knights", so it may be something to consider for future endeavors! [b]Team Support[/b]: Yes [b]Bot Support[/b]: No [b]NPC Support[/b]: No [b]New Sounds[/b]: No (Jaden) ~Inyri

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