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Dark Force Mod


Here we have the next version of the Dark Force Mod, and I have to admit that I was suprised that it did not have an unusual name, as other versions of this mod have. :p I won't bore you with another
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review here, since it just adds on to previous versions of this mod, so here is a previous review: [url=;65839]Glory of the Sith (v.16) review[/url]. All I am going to do is tell you the changed from the previous version, quoted from the readme: [quote]a. Gibs (Gratuitous dismemberment) mode enabled -> This mode was designed for siege but not implemented. -> This mode causing all weapon can do dismemberment (cutting off body like saber) -> Now everytime you take down enemy, your weapon will do the special dismemberment. b. Two handed force drain enabled Like force lightning, you can do two-handed drain by selecting weapon melee or turn off your saber. Two handed force attack (either lightning or drain) are doing twice damage power than normal. c. Smile face animation enabled. The idea is coming from singleplayer game where our player model can make smile face rather than frown You might not considered from back, just use command "cg_thirdpersonangle 180" to rotate the camera, and type "reset cg_thirdpersonangle" to restore back. Not a usefull feature for a combat game like jedi academy, but slightly nice seeing the smile. d. Faster rocket lock -> Only need 1 second to lock on your enemy with rocket launcher, also longer target-lock range too. e. Fast disruptor zoom lock -> Cap off the zoom time with disruptor as faster as singleplayer game. f. Fixed bug : corpse being tortured by elevator Dark force mod enable corpse torturing, but when the torture is coming from the world entities like elevator, it just wasting memory, so the corpse will then be disintegrated rather than looping the elevator crush damage. g. Quad Mode gravity People in quad mode are more lighter their weight rather than normal, they have low gravity (50%) They can jump in air while normal people must jump from surface. h. Fixed some minor bug.[/quote] So, if you enjoyed the previous versions of this mod, give this a download, and enjoy the updated version.

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