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Aliens vs Predator 2

Star Wars Mod Lightsaber Model pack Add-on


While I was making the SW_MOD, I asked RaptorRed to help convert some Star Wars weapon models from JK3:JA into AvP2 and she did. During this time, I was unsure of which lightsaber to include into the
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mod since I liked so many and I could only include one into the client side mod. Therefore I got her to convert the two most recognizable lightsaber models for me. She converted Luke Skywalker\'s lightsaber and another lightsaber with a miscellaneous hilt that looked like anyone could use. Since Luke\'s saber only matched Luke\'s and Obi-Wan\'s profiles, I decided to use the other weapon model. My original plan was to make a few skins of each of the sabers in a pack about half the size as this one. However, after displaying the first lightsaber model to the public, a high demand of interest came pouring in. Upon notice, I immediately went back to RaptorRed asking her to convert two more lightsaber models into AvP2. These last two models were chosen for more variety for the Sith characters and neutral sides. With these final four lightsaber models, I then proceeded to skin the saber blades to various colors for even more variety. Thus offering more customization of the Star Wars Mod during gameplay. You\'ll notice there are many similar names for all of the rez files. Each rez file contains a different number and color to distinguish among each other. Rez files with the same number (for example \"1\") will use the same hilt or handle of the lightsaber and the colors (for example \"BLUE\") indicate the color of the lightsaber blade. These various skins and models are designed to overwrite the SW_MOD default lightsaber model in 3rd person view. None of these packs include the lightsaber sounds found in the Star Wars Mod because these packs should be running with the Star Wars Mod simultaneously to hear the sounds. Although these packs do not require the mod to work, I suggest running the mod and using these lightsaber packs to somewhat customize the mod to your liking. You have a total of 27 Lightsaber packs to play around with. Enjoy! LIst Of Lightsaber Packs: 0) SABER1_BLUE.rez (Not included - This is the default lightsaber used in the SW_MOD) 1) SABER1_GREEN.rez 2) SABER1_ORANGE.rez 3) SABER1_PURPLE.rez 4) SABER1_RED.rez 5) SABER1_TEAL.rez 6) SABER1_YELLOW.rez 7) SABER2_BLUE.rez 8) SABER2_GREEN.rez 9) SABER2_ORANGE.rez 10) SABER2_PURPLE.rez 11) SABER2_RED.rez 12) SABER2_TEAL.rez 13) SABER2_YELLOW.rez 14) SABER3_BLUE.rez 15) SABER3_GREEN.rez 16) SABER3_ORANGE.rez 17) SABER3_PURPLE.rez 18) SABER3_RED.rez 19) SABER3_TEAL.rez 20) SABER3_YELLOW.rez 21) SABER4_BLUE.rez 22) SABER4_GREEN.rez 23) SABER4_ORANGE.rez 24) SABER4_PURPLE.rez 25) SABER4_RED.rez 26) SABER4_TEAL.rez 27) SABER4_YELLOW.rez Recommendations: The most important thing I can recommend first is to hook up your AvP2 game with the Third Person View Mod found here: This mod is necessary to use if you want to see your own character swinging around a lightsaber since it isn\'t viewable in first person view. Otherwise, you will only be able to see other players using the lightsaber. The saber1 lightsabers use the default hilt aka handle as in the SW_MOD, and are mostly the neutral choices from the packs. The saber2 lightsabers use a somewhat similar hilt as the saber1 lightsabers, yet have a less fancy look. Saber3 lightsabers are dark and are probably the best choice for Sith and red blades. And last but not least are the saber4 blades, which use Luke Skywalker\'s hilt. I personally suggest picking your favorite character in the Star Wars Mod, meaning the one you will play as mostly. Then try to assign the lightsaber that matches your character\'s lightsaber from the movies. For example: The Sith characters get red sabers (or blue for Anakin), Mace Windu gets a purple saber, Obi-Wan gets a blue saber, Luke Skywalker gets a green saber (saber4_green), etc. Then again you can pick whichever one you want. Its up to you. Choose wisely!

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