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Klano Insaro


Well, here is another skin from Sithmaster555. First of all, it’s a Kyle reskin, and second of all, a mixture of photosourcing and painting/blurring. That said, I’m going to look at this skin in a
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more humorous way, just so the review can be a bit more cheerful. The author has certainly tried with this skin, I think that he should try a little bit harder, maybe asking for other peoples’ advice. Our forums are a good place for that ( Anyways, the face of this skin looks funny, and when I say funny I mean, it looks like half the face was hit with a mace dipped in mustard… Meaning that while parts of the face are photosourced, the blending of the face and head wasn’t really done that well. Not being a skinner, I really don’t know how you would remedy that, with the exception of practice texturing skin tones, and to just practice skinning. And while I did venture into skinning once (No, CubeMan does not count. :p) I can certainly sympathize with the author, because H really have no clue how to do image editing. There are other parts of the face that need work, but I’m sure the author knows about them. The author tried on the rest of the skin. Again, while it may not look like the best in the world, can you honestly say that you did better when you started skinning or doing cloth? Anyways, the author tried to make the clothes, and more than blurring the edges needs to be done. It’s a start, but it still needs lots of work. Look at pictures of clothes similar to what you want and then try and recreate them. Another thing, when you’re trying to make a shirt, you have to take into account folds, and the skin beneath (depending on the color of the shirt). Anyways, much of this skin could use some work, and I just suggest to the author to practice skinning and texturing a bit more. None of us started out perfectly, and it took all of us that are good at it (me not being one of them) a while to get good. So keep trying. Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No (Uses the one of the reborn soundsets) Npc Support: N/A. ~Zach

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