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Epic Official Bonus Pack (UMOD)


This pack straight from Epic adds new models, new maps, and other general new features to the game. The models it adds are as follows: Skaarj Hybrid Nali Nali War Cow The maps added are
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listed below with a mini-review. The order the maps are listed in corresponds with the order of the two screenshots, per map. So, the first map, DM-Agony, corresponds with screenshots 1 and 2, whereas the fifth, DM-Malevolence, has it's screenshots in positions 9 and 10. The Pit of Agony ( DM-Agony ) - 6-10 Players - Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger There's certainly nothing pit-like about this chapel-styled Deathmatch map. There's twists, turns, and wide open areas, making the map suitable for fast-paced CQB and long-range combat. There are multiple levels to take the fight across, so don't worry about terrain limitations. The ASMD users will have a lot of combo fun on this map. Visually, it's just what you'd expect from Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger - less eye candy, more practicality. Cybrosis][ ( DM-Cybrosis][ ) - 10-16 Players - Alan "Talisman" Willard Alan Willard's Cybrosis][ is possibly the most well-known of UT99's DM maps, and with good reason. A multi-level facility map which focuses almost as much on lookin' slick as it does on playing quick, Cybrosis][ is an InstaGibber's dream, and is a great setting for TDM games. With sniper points, ambush areas, and a labrynthine structure which gives plenty of opportunity for your enemies to unload all kinds of chaos, you'll not want to let your guard down for a second. Cybrosis][ CTF ( CTF-Cybrosis][ ) - 10-16 Players - Alan "Talisman" Willard A CTF version of Cybrosis][. Arcane Temple ( DM-Arcane ) - 6-12 Players - Shane Caudle Arcane Temple is another one of those maps that hardcore DM fans seem unable to shake off. A stylish map designed to give every kind of player their chance to shine, Arcane Temple features multiple levels, with some wide halls and tight rooms. A maze-like structure in the interior means there's always an escape route if you just can't take it. Again, this map is recommended more for Team Deathmatch thanks to the tactical possibilities. Malevolence ( DM-Malevolence) - 1v1, max 2-6 - Rich "Akuma" Eastwood Malevolence is the map that seems to have started the "Duel" trend in UT, which was most notably seen in UT2004's 1v1 maps. Malevolence is a small three-tier map which is comprised mostly of open halls and passages. It's easy to gain the upper hand with explosives and flak cannons in here, but the medium-range projectile weapons are still a force to be reckoned with. Ideally, this map would be played mano y mano. From a design point of view, it could look prettier, but it plays great, and that's what makes all the difference. Just make sure you have your wits about you. ;) Shrapnel][ ( DM-Shrapnel][ ) - 10-16 Players - Cliff Bleszinski Shrapnel is a small industrial map formed from rather cramped halls and a few open areas. As far as design goes, Shrapnel isn't really my personal favorite, but it's a classy map all the same, and it brings on the gameplay fast and furiously. HealPod][ ( DM-HealPod][ ) - 2-8 Players - Cliff Bleszinski / Alan "Talisman" Willard HealPod][ is a UT conversion of an original Unreal deathmatch map. As many old-timers will know, the map centers around a chamber which will restore any player's health. The map itself has a four-level chamber design, all centered around the main chamber. In a Team Deathmatch, if you can capture and hold the central chamber, the advantage goes straight to you. HealPod frankly isn't one of the stronger competitive maps, and really serves the purpose of providing some old-school DM. Mojo][ ( DM-Mojo][ ) - 4-12 Players - Cliff Bleszinski This map is mostly comparable to a temple/dungeon theme. This map has it all - lava, pits, winding stairways, passages, and the obligatory library. The layout of the map is such that it's almost perfect for squad-based medium-range combat. The map is of course multi-level, and is balanced for use with all weapons depending on your location and your ability. Hydro Bases ( CTF-Hydro16 ) - 6-12 Players - Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger Hydro Bases consists of two facilities, one for each team, seperated by a toxic lake bridged with two bridges. Both sides are identical, giving a balanced game of CTF. Whichever side is on the offensive won't have an easy time, as each base comes with ample fortifications, including a sniper nest at the front, and those bridges don't have a lot of dodging room. The only real way to win out easily is to conduct a coordinated assault with your team. This is one of the family favourites for LAN parties. Noxion Base ( CTF-Noxion16 ) - 6-12 Players - Sidney "Clawfist" Rauchberger Noxion Base is generally the same theory as Hydro Bases, only in a canyon rather than a facility. The bases also have radically different designs, defending is much more difficult and less absolute, and good tactics are of the essence. Darji Outpost #16-A ( CTF-Darji16 ) - 12-16 Players - Alan "Talisman" Willard Darji Outpost is a maze-like base interior map designed for large CTF battles. The advantage naturally goes to whoever can adapt to their environment the best, and adaption will be needed, otherwise you'll find yourself getting lost an awful lot. The map has a complex design, leaving plenty of bottlenecks perfect for ambushes, but at the same time making it easy to shake off a pursuit if you're quick enough. The Bonus Pack also adds the six relics to the game. Relic of Strength This relic is shaped like an axe. When you carry this any damage you do will be multiplied by 2, and when you shoot you'll have a purple shell encase your mesh for a split second to let others know that you're powered up with this relic. Relic of Regeneration Shaped like a cross. When you carry this you'll gain 10 health every 2 seconds up to 150. In my opinion, this is the weakest of the Relics. Relic of Defense This relic is shaped like a helmet. It reduces all damage by half, after armor. You'll be tough to take down while carrying this relic. When you're hit while carrying this relic you will be encased in a green shell briefly to let the attacker know you've got upgraded defenses. Relic of Speed Shaped like a hourglass. Increases GroundSpeed, WaterSpeed, AirSpeed, and Acceleration by 30%. Sets AirControl to 0.65. Relic of Redemption This relic is shaped like a spiked disc, ala "chaos." If you take fatal damage while carrying this you will be randomly moved somewhere in the level, your health will be restored and you will still have your inventory. Its like a second chance. Relic of Vengeance Shaped like a grinning skull. If you die while carrying this a large skull will appear above your corpse. After 1.5 seconds it will explode annihilating anyone in the area. All in all, this pack adds some great maps to the game, and the relics are a nice feature to have. Recommended download for all UT99 players. ~ Kouen NOTE: This is a UMOD file. Simply double-click it to install the bonus pack.

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