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Battlestar Galactica Fleet Pack


Here is the Battlestar Galactica Fleet Pack, a large pack of ships from the Newer version of the Battlestar Galatica Series. There are ships from both the Colonials and the Cylons including fighters,
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Raptors, Battlestars, Basestars, and many freighters. Almost all of the freighters are unarmed, and all of the ships do not have shields. It is important to note that this ship pack is not balanced against Star Trek Ships only against those within this ship pack. The weapons and weapons sounds look and sound almost like they do in the show, also all of the ships are detailed and very well made. Just to note it is recommended that you turn off visible damage as when the Battlestars and Basestars take damage they might slow down your computers. This ship pack contains: [u][b]Colonial Armed Vessels[/b][/u] [b]Mk2 Viper, Mk7 Viper[/b] - Highly Manuverable fighters that can turn very fast and are armed with both missiles (only two) as well as rail guns. [b]Battlestar Galactica[/b] - The Main ship of the Show, armed with mainly rail guns than can easily destroy cylon fighters and can cause damage to the Cylon Baseships although will take damage very easily from the Nuclear Warheads. The Galactica is capable of Launching upto 20 vipers (mostly Mark 2) at a time. To Jump (warp), you will have to retract the pods via MVAM. [b]Battlestar Pegasus[/b] - A more powerful and longer battlestar than the Galactica (Newer model in the series), similary armed to that of the Galactica, although more powerful. The Pegasus is capable of Launching upto 40 Mark 7 Vipers at once using the shuttle launch script. [b]Blackbird Stealth-Fighter[/b] - This was the stealth ship that was built on the Galactica, unlike the other vipers this has a jump drive, however it is more difficult to control and is perfect for use with the silent running mod. [b]Raptors[/b] - There are three included within This pack. The assault version which is armed with numerous missiles and has large missile tubes on either side of its main hull. The escort Raptor, armed with eight missiles and is designed to escort the SAR Raptor. Finally the SAR Raptor, which is used for search and rescue and has no weapons. [b]Defender[/b] - This ship is a smaller capital vessel than that of a battlestar, although it is armed with numerous weapons it is mainly designed as a support vessel, as seen in the more recent episodes (end of Season 2 / Start of Season 3) [u][b]Colonial UnArmed Vessels[/b][/u] There are numerous ships included including - [b]Colonial 1[/b] - The ship of the President, basically a passenger liner. [b]Shuttle[/b] - A short range shuttle that transfers personelle around the fleet. [b]Astral Queen[/b] - A Slow moving and very vunerable prison ship [b]Six different Passenger Liners[/b] - Various passenger liners seen in Battlestar Galactica [b]Botanical Cruiser[/b] - The Ship that stores the food for the fleet. [b]Cloud 9[/b] - A highly vulnerable tourist ship [b]Tylium Refinery[/b] - The ship that provides fuel for the fleet, this ship will make a large explosion when it is destroyed. [b]Celestra / Colonial Movers[/b] - These two ships were also in the original show that have been made up for the new series [b]Other Ships Include[/b] - Tube Tanker, Space Park, Mining Ship, Mobile Shipyard, Gemini Transport and Gemini Traveller [b][u]Cylon Ships[/u][/b] [b]Basestar[/b] - This is the main cylon ship, it is capable of launching Nuclear weapons as well as other missiles. These ships normally attack in numbers, but however one on one these vessels are a match for the Galactica, however the Pegasus would easily beat this ship in a straight fight (well Pegasus will take damage). The basestar can also launch the Cylon Raiders using the Shuttle Launching script. [b]Raider[/b] - This is a fast and deadly ship, similary armed to the Colonial Vipers, although the Raiders carry more missiles than their counterparts. Very fun when in dogfights against Vipers. [b]Heavy Raider[/b] - Similar to that of the Raider, although this ship is more heavily armed and armoured, it carrys six cannons instead of the two that the Raider has, however in turn the Heavy Raider is slower and more vulnerable to weapons fire.

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