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Aliens vs Predator 2

Ultimate Mappack 2 updater


click the ump2 update v2.exe It will ask you to agree with the terms and conditions of the install. if you decide to install the pack enjoy more new maps. This will keep your UMP2 updated and
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recent with game servers. I will make more updated packs as new levels are released. all the readme notes are included in the new ump2 folder called **read me notes** I put all the mappers notes there. second new folder contains free Eds for dedit. **free eds** not always updated unless eds are avalable. I tested on my own server had no trouble with the install If your not happy with this or have trouble want to remove the update click the Uninstaller is included. you will find it in the ump2 folder. READ THIS: NOTES ON SKINS: IF YOUR MAP COMES WITH WEAPONS AND PLAYERS SKINS THEY WILL NOT BE ADDED TO UMP2 you must add them to you pack your self But caution!.,,,reason for this some server mods (block) crc checks on cheat skins and some players dont wanna see your skins they might like there own custom stuff. EXAMPLE is ---playing a single player with a pink pulse gun or yellow spear for pred even if your skins look nice they cannot be added for this online playing. server mod protection are a must these days so I have to limit what is needed and not some other Things that cannot be added are backspash pictures,Mod pictures start screens, we have 2 now by default the Ump2 pictures that 00 supplied they will remain untouched. READ THIS TOO: Good example is Island of the dead This mod cannot be added in the ump2 mappack cause of the major changes Attrib files mods like that should be played outside of this mappack. I recommend use the avp2 mod manager its a excellent program used for mappacks and mods skin packs sound packs that are in the REZ format. The program will read 1 folder by default called MAPS it does not have to be a rez file.( I rename my ump2 to maps now remember to rename the folder back to ump2 when you use the update packs ) vis versa simple and easy! all your Mods and skin packs stuff would go in the custom folder. but read all the help files installation notes for the program. Last Note I am now able to fix some maps that are missing sounds or textures can be added to the update packs as nessary so if you find a glitch or missing stuff you can always send to me or tell me where to find the stuff and I will add to the next update pack. and yes I do testing on maps looking just for this kind of thing. Not all maps are 100% perfect some are very basic and others very good so here is a chance for new mappers to get there work out and noticed. LAST NOTE: any problems with the pack send me a email on my site or leave me a message in my shout box. I will make fixes and updates correct with a new pack. This is in case I miss anything.

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