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Ultimate Siege Map


This is a cool map. It’s a siege map (woot for siege). Anyways, the story/premise behind the map is that the Rebels are prisoners trying to escape and send a distress signal. The Imperials are trying
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to be their oppressive selves and stop them. :p There’s a bunch in this map, but if you think of it, there really isn’t that much in it. There are around five areas: The prison, the compound, the tram/canals, the generator, and a cool secret area (Not telling you! I pwomised to not tell!). The map was generally well constructed, with many side paths that you could go through. Actually, most of those paths are only open to techs, so they’re important. You also need them to enable the turrets, which could be a small pain. Although…I only really saw turrets in the prison, but there could be more. More would certainly be a bit more of a challenge. Oh, something else. The turrets can be taken over by either side! Yes! You rebels can turn the security systems on your overlords! Anyways, to get out of the prison you have to kill a couple of force fields , and do some other stuff. :p Then when you’re out of there you have to fix the tram to get to the generator, then you need to do some other stuff that I’m not going to tell you because I’m like that. Anyways, after a little bit you either win or lose. I did notice a tiny bit of z-fighting in some areas of the map, but you need to look for them. There are also some funny easter eggs and secrets in the map. But overall I found this map enjoyable to test, and I’d like the thank the author of the map for giving me such a nice tour. Because frankly, I get confused easily. I would recommend that siege fans download this. and if you\'re not a siege fan, you should still download it. Bot Support: It’s a siege map, what do you think? No. :p New Models: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: Yes Gametypes: Siege ~Zach

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