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Serenity is a mod to help your priest managing their buffs, and spells, reagents, cooldowns and durations. It provides a variety of buttons for common spells in an easy-to-use, small, convinient
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package. The idea and code was adapted from Necrosis LdC to make it usable by priests. Serenity will provide you a sphere and 9 buttons. The sphere will display relevant information and the outer buttons will provide quick access to all your priestly desires. More details?! Okay, here we go! Main Sphere Right click to open the configuration menu. Left-click to activate one of the various options. Drink your best available water Use Mana Potion Use Healing Potion Cast Fade Cast Pyschic Scream Want something else? Let me know! Main Sphere Display - You can set the main sphere to show any of these options Nothing! Available Drinks Mana and Healing Potion Quantities Current Health (Numeric) Current Health (Percent) Current Mana (Numeric) Current Mana (Percent) Potion Cooldown Outer Ring Display Nothing Mana Percentage Hit Points Percantage Potion Cooldown Drink Button Left-Click to drink. Right-Click to eat food (Available soon!). Middle-click to use bandages (Available soon!). Potion Button Left-Click to drink mana potion. Right-Click to drink healing potion. Automatically switches to PvP Potions when on a battleground. Decursive Button Left-click to cast Dispel Magic offensively or decursively. Right-click to cast Abolish/Cure Disease decursively. Three \"Anything\" Buttons Known as \"left spell button\", \"middle spell button and \"right spell button\" Configurable to cast any spell from the buff menu or spell menu Left-click to cast primary spell (eg Power Word: Fortitude) Right-click to cast alternate spell (eg Prayer of Fortitude) Buff Menu Button Click to show available buffs Left-click to the button cast primary spell, right-click to cast alternate Includes Power Word: Fortitude (Prayer of Fortitude), Divine Spirit (Prayer of Spirit), Shadow Protection (Prayer of Shadow Protection) Inner Fire, Racial Spells, Inner Focus, Power Infusion, Shadowform Right-click to recast the last spell called from this menu Middle-click or Alt-click to keep the menu from automatically closing Mount Button Automatically detects your mount when enabled Right-click to use hearthstone Spell Menu Button Click to show available spells Spells Include: Fade, Lightwell, Resurrection, Pyschic Scream, Mind Control, Mind Sooth, Mind Vision, Shackle Undead Right-click to recast the last spell called from this menu Middle-click or Alt-click to keep the menu from automatically closing Spelltimer Button[/b] (defaults off) Spell cooldowns and durations will appear on the right of this button (configurable) Right-click the button to use your hearthstone ------------------------------- 4 - More functionalities ------------------------------- You can put the Serenity Sphere wherever you want You can put the Serenity Buttons wherever you want Automatically restock your reagents to the amount of your chosing (with or without a confirmation) Show various information on the outer ring of the main sphere, including health, mana, and cooldowns Advanced warning, letting you know when your shackles are about to break and telling you when it does break Random chat messages available for shackle undead, resurrection, and mounting. Shackle message only shows when you are shackling a new target All chat messages configurable to a short, raid-ready version using /serenity sm Show or remove any of the visible buttons Show or remove cooldowns or reagent counts from any button Option to automatically open/close the buff menu on mouse-over Text-based timers available for lower-end machines Timers can grow upward and be anchored from either side of the spelltimer button, to fit anywhere on your screen Rotate the buttons around the sphere to fit your settings Detact the buttons from the sphere and move them whereever you\'d like. All of your spell cooldowns and durations will be displayed on the spell timers.

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