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(Yes, the name [i]is[/i] supposed to be HK-47, but in the end I suppose it\'s better that it\'s not...) Meatbags beware. Everyone\'s fave assassin droid is back on the scene. Or rather, one of
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HK-47\'s counterparts. I don\'t even think they\'re from the same batch, but whatever. Once you\'ve seen one robot, you\'ve seen them all - big hunks of metal with an appetite for destruction and susceptibility to all kinds of electric attack. All these fancy exteriors are just for show. Helps boost sales, \'cause everyone wants the latest model. Sort of a status symbol, like Ferraris. Right then, pushing marketing strategies for robotics manufacturers aside, let\'s look at the skin. The best summary I can give is \"a C3P0 and HK-47 hybrid\". The structural aspect is that of C3P0, but the actual design is that of HK-47. Confused? Look at the screenshot, because I really can\'t describe it any better than that. I noticed things which do indeed need work. Firstly, the texturing. It\'s low-detail, fuzzy, and looks like it\'s had a color burn layer applied. The low detail aspect, I can\'t complain about; we\'re not all master texturers. The fuzzyness can be fixed by applying a few sharpen layers in Photoshop, but then the coloring may be somewhat off. As for the color burn? BAD! *slaps wrist* Color burn is possibly the worst filter you can apply, even when you want a scorched metal effect. Texture placement and alignment is the next thing I\'d like to discuss. Some areas, most notably the front upper torso and the... err... crotch... just don\'t look right at all (Uh, not that I was really *looking* at the crotch. I mean, it\'s not as if I have much interest in it\'s... uh, never mind). The alignment is pretty far off, and the textures deform badly; they also cut off in several places. The arms and hands just look so... funky. They are positive proof that texturing a humanoid as HK just doesn\'t work, but it\'s the best that can be done, so forgiveness is granted. My final concern with alignment is the head. Along the sides of the head, minor jumps in the texture can be spotted frequently. If the above issues can be sorted out, then this would be as close to HK-47 as Jedi Outcast/Academy players will ever get. Still, it\'s a quality skin for any HK-47 fan, although it doesn\'t really capture the essence of the dude himself thanks to the model used. Hmm, that brings something interesting up, actually. Robots using force powers. I think I can explain most of them by aligning them with components and/or functions. Jump: rocket boosters. Absorb/Protect: personal shield generators. Lightining: built-in tazer weapon (ha, must be one HELL of a tazer! :p ). Heal: nanomachines. Push/Pull: built-in pressure units. Mind Trick: optic camoflage. Dark Rage: short circuiting. Speed: overclocking (aka turbo boost). Sense: thermal vision. Grip and Drain, well, I\'m kinda stumped on thise ones. And I no longer have any clue what I\'m talking about... Well, now that we\'ve all received some utterly useless \"education\" in robotics theory, I think I\'ll just comment on how this skin is recommended for JK2 players who happen to appreciate the comical side of the HK series droid\'s nature. Could receive a little improvement, but still highly recommended for any HK-47 fans. :thumbsup: ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]Team Support:[/b] Yes

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