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Well, this is a small skin pack of three skins, all for the Federation Des Jedi Unis, a French clan if I am correct. Now there’s nothing wrong with French people, for those that hate the French. I
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think the French are cool for their language. And I’m really off topic on this review. The first skin is for the Pi Special Ops of the FDJU. It also looks like it. It’s black, has a ninja/ski mask, and has the value of pi on the back. For the skin, I think that a little less black should have been used. It looks paint bucketed, and even the blackest material has a ‘shine’. The second skin consists of one model (with several variations, mainly in rank) that is basically the uniform of the students at FDJU’s \"Ecole Spéciale Militaire\", or Special Military School. The uniform is interesting, as it is made up of what looks to be camouflage…so anyways, there are lots of strange colors on this skin, and it has the same black face as the one before it. I find this skin strange…but that’s me. Oh, the custom skins for this skin basically just mark out the rank of the player with patches on the arms. The third skin is a reskin of the VaderVM model, and looks a little bit more blue than the normal Vader model. This is the uniform for members of the FDJU. Anyways, things have been removed, and the skin is mostly black. This seems to be a trend with some of the skins, but it’s not bad. Although it’s not generally liked, it’s not that bad. It’s not like you’re really going to notice in-game. Anyhow, with the student uniform, this skin stays the same except for the rank, and the cloak can be turned on and off, most likely a symbol of rank.And the two bottoms skins do have SP support! So yay! The top one you have to access with the console, but that shouldn’t be too hard to figure out…it you’re smart. Or you can read the readme. Anyways, not a bad little skin pack. Let me add I like how the ranks turned out on the arms. They don’t look too bad, and it’s nicer than having something annoying on the torso of the skin. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No New Sounds: Yes Npc Support: No ~Zach

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