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Unreal Tournament 2003

Random Item Placement


[b]Changes from v1.1 to v1.2[/b] - WildcardBase is now processed properly - Option to remove old items from level instead of raising the limit and spawning yet more. - Items removed from the level
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have a cool reverse spawn effect. - Items will be removed (or the max # of items increased) after the level has been at the max # of items for 5 straight seconds (was 10). - Fixed two HUGE bugs that were causing the mutator to spawn multiple copies of the same item at once, and other times no items at all when it should have spawned one. [b]Changes from v1.0 to v1.1[/b] - Added spawn effect - Added option to only spawn items in places where items were in the original level - Added more stuff to the readme This mutator spawns all the pickups in the game in random places. After they get picked up, new ones are spawned in new random places. This mutator also has a configuration menu with the following options:[b]Use Gravity:[/b] If checked, items will fall to the ground from where they were spawned. NOTE: If you check this option, pickups will NOT rotate! This is because rotation and falling are both physics settings and only one can be active at a time. Default is unchecked. [b]Max Items:[/b] The maximum number of items that can be on a level at once. 0 is automatic (default). It is recommended you leave this setting at the default unless you WANT to either flood levels with items or make items hard to get (since it's hard to use a single setting with all levels) [b]Weapon Chance:[/b] The percent chance that any given pickup will be a weapon. This is so you don't get unlucky and have levels filled with ammo and nothing to shoot it with. The default of 40 generally gives a good distribution. [b]Respawn Time:[/b] A new item will be respawned every this many seconds, unless the max # of items is already in the level. Default is 0.2; don't set it too much lower or your processor will pay for it.To install, simply extract the .zip into your UT2003System folder. [b]NOTE:[/b] Please completely read the README file before using this mutator!

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