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Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix Patch


[b]Users with the GERMAN SoF 2 version should download the [file="4092"]GERMAN v1.01 Patch[/file][/b] as the patch found on this page will not work for your german version! [b]Do I Need the
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Patch?[/b] If you are running the original release version of Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix, we recommend that you upgrade to version 1.01. The patch includes a number of important fixes and some new features. A list of the improvements and fixes is provided below. To determine your current version, run either the Single Player or Multiplayer version of the game. Bring down the console (by holding Shift key and the tilde (~) key in SP, or just the tilde (~) key in MP) and look at the version number listed in the lower-right corner of the screen. The original shipping version will show 'V1.00'. If you have this version, you should install the patch. Once correctly patched, the game will register 'V1.01'. ========================================================= [u][b]Issues Addressed in Patch 1.01:[/b][/u] [b]Single Player:[/b]Fixed rotating brushes to load/save properly. Fixed several NPC animation issues where the AI would become stuck reloading, firing while leaning, or picking up weapons. Fixed kam3 navpoint bug. Fix for player dying for no apparent reason in shop6. Fix for col8 occasionally not ending. [b]Allow editing and saving of navpoints so Modders can make SP levels.[/b] 3-button mouse w/o mousewheel will now work. NPCs have a difficult time seeing you when you are crouched or prone in tall grass. They will still, however, investigate the nearby area the player was last seen. Stun grenades have a greater affect on NPCs. Moving while crouching being regarded as running is now fixed Fixed crash in menus when background image wasn't found. Timegraph and mousemove graph now display blue and green lines on a black background rather than black on a black background Added new video card cfgs.[b]Multiplayer:[/b][b]Demolition gametype added.[/b] MP5SD weapon added. 4 new maps added. [b]Fix for demo playback.[/b] RMG fixes for reliable connectivity to Linux dedicated servers. Small leaning bug fixed. [b]MODs menu added to main screen to show list of installed MODs.[/b] Fix for time display in game logs. Exploit to get around limited enemy following was fixed. Buffer overrun fixed for team say in certain cubes on the raven map. Player will no longer slow down when walking through a puddle. When playing a demo back the objectives screen no longer pops up. "Use" key bind added for demolition gametype. "Drop item" key bind added to allow people to drop the flag, briefcase, or bomb. Should no longer be dropped off a server with "invalid pk3" message on map changes. Added "logfilename" server cvar to allow admins to specify the name of the qconsole.log file. Added "g_roundjointime" server cvar to allow the amount of time someone can join a round in progress in inf or dem. Added "g_suddenDeath" server cvar to allow control of whether a match should end if tied. Added "banip", "banclient", "banremoveip", and "banlist" server commands. New ban system allows up to 4096 bans and stores the bans in the file sof2mp.ban by default. Fire damage caused by walking through a fire grenade does not cause TK damage (initial blast does though). Gametype modders can now base their mod off another to use its entities and spawns. Server’s status request no longer shows the score of the client when someone is spectating them. Server’s status request now reports the team scores. Server’s status request now contains each client’s current team. Fire grenades don’t slow you down as much when you run through them. Death messages no longer disappear after a map change. Grenades that fall after being killed trying to throw one no longer cause team kill damage. Team kill damage should now forgive properly. Added hud indicators for CTF flag status. IP address added to server log file when someone connects. Entity func_wall added for demolition gametype. Entity target_effect added for demolition gametype. Ability to ban people for a given duration of time added. New server cvar "g_teamkillBanTime" which specifies the number of minutes you are banned for after being autokicked for team killing (default 5 minutes). New server cvar "g_voteKickBanTime" which specifies the number of minutes you are banned from the server after being vote kicked (default 0). Guns will no longer glow white in RMG fog when detail textures are on. Pause when clients join a team has been fixed. Servers will now exclude color-coding when sorting in the in-game browser Jump action should jump off ladders properly now Next and prev weapons (mousewheel by default) will now double as zoom in and zoom out when in zoom mode (can be turned off) Death messages now include the weapon name that did the killing========================================================= [b]Uninstalling:[/b] If you wish to remove the patch and return to the shipping version, you will need to reinstall the game from the CD. Additionally, you will need to manually remove the file "Update101.pk3" from the Base folder or the game will not function properly. If you uninstall Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix completely, some of the patch files may be left on your hard drive. You may delete these files after the Uninstaller has completed. ========================================================= [b]About Saved Games:[/b] Generally, previously saved games will load correctly after applying the patch. However, if a game was saved after encountering one of the bugs that has been addressed in this patch, the problem may still exist after loading the saved game. You will need to load a game saved prior to encountering the problem for the patch to affect the problem area. [b]AGP Memory Error:[/b] If you receive the error message warning you that your AGP Memory is at zero, it is recommended that you update your motherboard drivers or BIOS to the most current version. If you have the most current version installed on your motherboard, you can set the AGP Memory aperture to a higher setting in the BIOS. [b]New Actions:[/b] There are new features in which the Player must set up new actions. These new actions include USE and DROP ITEM. These actions can be bound to keys in the CONTROLS SETUP / MISC menu in Multiplayer. The USE function is used to place or diffuse a detpack. The DROP ITEM is used to drop the detpack, briefcase or flag (depending on the type of game you are playing) if you do not want to be carrying it.

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