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Soldier of Fortune

Gordon Freeman


Whoowee!!! Finally a very very very cool skin! Very very well done by Icarus from the mighty Skinlab!!! So anyways, for those who don't know Gordon Freeman, Gordon is the main character in the
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game Half-Life. Game of the year of '98 I believe, if you don't know this game, then you're just eh... well, B.S.! :) Well, here's a little bio about this fine fella: [b]Position:[/b] Scientist [b]Affiliation:[/b] Black Mesa Research [b]History:[/b] A native of Seattle, Washington, Gordon Freeman showed high interest and aptitude in the areas of quantum physics and relativity at an extremely young age. His earliest heroes were Einstein, Hawking and Feynman. While a visiting student at the University of Innsbruck in the late 1990's, Gordon Freeman observed a series of seminal teleportation experiments conducted by the Institute for Experimental Physics. Practical applications for teleportation became his obsession. In 1999, Freeman received his doctorate from M.I.T. with a thesis paper entitled: "Observation of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Entanglement on Supraquantum Structures By Induction through Nonlinear Transuranic Crystal of Extremely Long Wavelength (ELW) Pulse from Mode-Locked Source Array." Disappointed with the slow pace and poor funding of academic research, and with tenure a distant dream, Gordon cast about for a job in private industry. As fortune would have it, his mentor at M.I.T., Professor Alex Kleiner, had taken charge of a research project being conducted at a decommissioned missile base in Black Mesa, New Mexico. Kleiner was looking for a few bright associates, and Gordon was his first choice. Considering the source and amount of funds available to the Black Mesa Labs, Gordon suspected that he would be involved in some sort of weapons research; but in the hopes that practical civilian applications would arise (in areas of quantum computing and astrophysics), he accepted Kleiner's offer. Apart from a butane-powered tennis ball cannon he constructed at age 6, Gordon had never handled a weapon of any sort, or needed to... until now. Big fattie thanks to Icarus from the Skinlab (the site where you get the [b]BEST[/b] skins), for giving us this exclusive! [b]"Skinlab gives you the best, gives you the most!"[/b] A plain kick-ass skin, MUST HAVE!

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