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Soldier of Fortune

Silver Forces (Final)


Here is the final version of the Silver Forces mod... In the future we will only see small updates, like map-packs and script-updates, etc! [i]Unfortunately, you will once again have to download a
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large file. This time it takes 26.3 MB but it's the last time you have to get such a large file. That's why this release of Silver-Forces is called final. The menus, skins and scripts won't change anymore and you'll only have small addons to download from time to time. The 3.0b and 3.1b releases of Silver-Forces have been downloaded over 8200 times!!! Also, the Silver-Forces weapons have been downloaded over 3000 times and we therefore decided to add them directly to the mod. Jack has edited the alpha channel of the sniper rifle inview so you have a full-screen view now when you snipe. This release has 13 defuse maps, 2 cooperative maps, 6 exchange maps, 7 jailbreak maps, and 8 rob maps. The JOLT SF server should quickly be upgraded to this new release.... A Silver-Forces Readme file is provided with this release and it would be very helpfull if you went through it before playing the mod. The readme file will be in your 'Silver' folder once you'll have installed the mod. Installation is quite similar to the one of previous releases: grab the 26.3 Mb file and double click on it. It will ask you where you want to install it and you'll have to point it to your SOF game directory. Then click on extract and it will copy the files. If it all worked correctly you will have a 'Silver' folder in your SOF game directory. Then run 'install_silver.bat' that is in your SOF folder and you will arrive to a menu: you will have to configure the 'commit suicide' and 'change team' keys because they are compulsory to play Silver-Forces. Once you configured those keys, click on 'save key bindings' and then on 'quit'. To run the mod, you'll simply need to run 'silver.bat' that is in your SOF folder.... Enjoy this release!!![/i] [b]Improtant[/b]: The zip is a selfextarcting archive-file (rar?) but it's in French language... Use a bit of your fantasy coz it isn't hard to understand! Just delete your old version of Silver Forces (that's what i did), run this file and point it to your SOF-directory (Parcourir = browse!!!)! Then run "install_silver.bat" [b]ONCE[/b], wait till it's done, set some keys, quit and restart the game!!

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