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Multi Kill & Multi Plague


I’m sure many people remember that Lit Ridl’s FileFront debut mod was the Multi Kill and Multi Plague Force Powers for the original [i]Knights of the Old Republic[/i] game. There was a slight
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problem with how both Force Powers could be used. Call it an oversight if you must because even the best modders make mistakes from time to time. Anyway, these new Force Powers could be used against droids. Many of you that have already downloaded this mod may have noticed this. If this really bugged you, the author went back and fixed that problem to make it more realistic. For those who are seeing this or hearing about this for the first time, Lit Ridl (one of my favorite modders for both KOTOR games) has made a two new Force Powers to be used for KOTOR. Many of you are familiar with the Force Powers [b]Kill[/b] and [b]Plague[/b]. Kill will choke your enemy to death with the Force. Plague extremely poisons your enemy with the Force. The thing about each of those Force Powers is that they only worked on one enemy at a time. Both Force Powers really didn’t do much good when attacked by a group of thugs. If you ever wanted to be able use Kill and Plague on multiple enemies, this mod will do just that. Each Force Power is available when your PC or your Party Members progresses level 14. Multi Kill is an extremely powerful Force Power and when you download this mod, it probably will be the most powerful Power you can get access to in the original KOTOR game. I look at this mod as to add some fun when fighting enemies, especially when you hit a group of attackers that are pretty easy and you want to show off the power you possess. Those who are a big fan of the Plague power, this will really be a treat. Saving throws will still come into play so if your enemy is strong, he/she will make a saving throw just like with any Force Power in the game. Just so you know, Force Choking multiple people at the same time is possible in the Star Wars Universe, in fact it has been done in one of the Star Wars movies. In [i]Return of the Jedi[/i], Luke Skywalker choked two Gamorrean guards at the same time in Jabba’s Palace. So I say why not have the ability to do it in the KOTOR games? The fixed version of this mod is extremely awesome and fun to play with. :D [b]Note:[/b] Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future. -Shem

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