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Blitzkrieg Forest


This is a remake of the original singleplayer Forest map which is now playable in multiplayer as a capture the point map. Much fun. Map Review By HotShot [b]Objectives:[/b] Basically who ever
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captures all the capture points 1st wins. 1.Primary Allied Flag 2.Secondary Allied flag 3.Center allied Flag 4.Center Axis Flag 5.Secondary Axis flag 6.Primary Axis Flag [b]Overall:[/b] A great map apart form on or two bugs. The bugs are in a certain place of the map I was climbing the hills and i got to the top and tried jumping on the top of the tree. I coulda easily made the jump in real life (only about 1/2 foot away) but instead i got stuck between the tree and the hill :( the only way to get out was to take my own life (in the game of course)). Another problem was a building in the Axis camp when i got close to it you couldnt see the walls only the outside of the map? and once inside and ready to leave by the doorway you couldnt see the outside of the map? I reckon they but some kinda nodraw brush in the doorway which has gone wrong. Yet another problem is at the back of one of the buildings in the Axis camp you are supposed to beable to climb through the window cause a ladder sign shows up where there is a slanted piece of wood underneath the window.2 more problems for me are the positioning of the flags arnt exactly great especially the axis and allied centre capture points because i feel there to close to each other.The other problem what people might find annoying is the spawn times read the readme.txt file for more info. Now to the good points :) :D. Those are the fact that the map is huge :) the design/layout is good theres plenty of sniping places including guard towers and buildings :) Its loads of fun in multiplayer with more than one way to get to the objecitves (apart from the allied primary capture point)And the fact that this map is built for alot of players should mean more action on the battle field along with other stuff :). I would deffinatley recommend this map. The bad points are minor really and i only listed them out of your interest. So if you can put up with them (you know you can) Stop reading and start downloading and maybe I'll see you on the battlefield? [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

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