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[b]Z3Ns Review[/b] Azteca is a very cool map. The mission lands you in an Aztec ruins, surrounded by a high platform that makes it easily gaurded. Your objectives are to enter the ruins, blow up a
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coffin, and steal the corpse inside. The back of the ruins also needs to be blown by an engineer to clear it out, presumeably for the escape. This is a very neat map with a lot of potential. I already found a few bugs in the map that I will email to the creator. First, when I went to steal the corpse, the model was missing for some reason. I saw the lovely primary colored right angle.... I blew up the casket, stole the corpse, blew up the outside, and prepared to escape to the trucks. Nothing happened. I reviewed the objectives, and I had already completed all three. I continued to run around the map until I decided to play with the mounted guns. The very top mounted gun on top of the ruins would not let me release from it. I was stuck from there. A few bugs to work out, but a great effort that looks like it will be really fun in the online gaming world. Tech - 4 Balance - 8 Quality - 8 Stability - 4 Creativity - 4 Item Placement - 7 Size vs. Usefullness - 8 Installation Instructions - 2 FunFactor - 9 [b]Total[/b] - 6.3 [b]Brews review[/b] Not a lot is realy known about this map other then what is in the Readme file.....which is not really a lot..... Azteca is an interesting map, though obviously in beta form. With a bit of work this could be a fun map for small teams. The one major gripe I have with the map is the size of the hole you have to clime down to get to the crypt. It seems that everytime I try to go down that hole an enemy comes up from behind and sends me to oblivion. One good thing about this, however, is that it would encourage team work on the part of the allies to guard the hole whilst other team members scramble down. Without having someone there to watch your butt you gonna loose your butt, trying to get down that hole. But the sorry fact is that it is very hard to find a server where everybody isn't out for themselves....leaving you with your butt hanging out..... Another gripe I have is trying to get down after you spawn from the top of the pyramid when playing the Axis side. There are steps to get down but it is very dark on that side and it is not obvious about what you should wrong step and your at the bottom of the pyramid, with a big hit to your health. When standing outside the pyramid you can plainly see the steps but when you are new to the map and are spawned up there on that pyramid it is quite confusing. There are some new sounds to be heard though. Giving the map a rather spooky atmosphere...even though they are a bit on the repetitive side. This is the reason I gave it a rather high rating in the Tech area. Overall I would say that this is a good start on a map that is very different from those you've seen before, hence I gave the map a high mark on Creativity. There are other questionable things in the what the heck is that catwalk for and how is it floating up there without supports?.....but with the problems aside I would say this could be a fun map to play. Oh...and one more thing...... I wish people making maps for RtCW would say in the readme who they are..... Tech - 8 Quality - 8 Creativity - 9 Item Placement - 8 FunFactor - 7 [b]Total[/b] - 7.2

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