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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Assassination Final


"This map is based on a real-life bunker that was owned by Hitler. We used the blue print from his Bunker for the design of this map. We got sick of all the steal documents and blow up the objective
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maps, and wanted to try something innovative. The objective is to assassinate Hitler. This is the first map of it's kind." Well let me ask you this. Who would pass up a chance to blow Hitler into little pieces? I couldn't. As soon as I read the description of this map I had to try it out. I chose an allied engineer as I thought demolition skills would be necessary. I ended up at a small area surrounded by mountains. I immediately saw all the detail put into this with a plane that was smashed into the side of the mountain. My only exit appeared to be a set of train tracks. While walking through them I hoped I wouldn't end up like a character in one of those loony toon cartoons who gets run over by a train. Following the tracks led me to a series of tunnels. Following them through led me to some bunkers and eventually to a house. Stepping inside this house was like stepping into the past. Everything that could have been there was. Even a library with Hitler's easy chair in front of the fire place, with a radio playing some quiet music. I decided to go upstairs where I found Hitler's bedroom. After jumping on his bed I moved to the bathroom. This map contains some of the only reflective texturing found in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. For fun I planted dynamite in the bath tub and left. Going downstairs and exploring more of this highly detailed map let me to a series of underground tunnels under the house. Many tricks lay around here. I blew myself up a couple of times. This is one of the best maps I have seen in a long time. You can play it over and over again. Even if you're not actually shooting, it's a lot of fun to walk around the house. I've discovered new things every time. The large file size didn't bother me as I have a broadband modem, but it might make some people on slower connections think twice about downloading. This is worth every megabyte. Paul AKA Madmanfrommars

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