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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Omaha Beach


This map is alot like the beach map set on a cliff. The cliff overlooks the Allied spawning boats and its real easy to rain down rockets and airstrikes upon frustrated americans (this tactic can be
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really cheap if abused). The inside of the base has the Secret Documents close to the outside which balances out since the route the Allies need to take afterwards is quite open. To one side of the map is an iron signal tower which can be climbed and offers a good spot to snipe from, maybe too good. There is also a path in the middle of the cliff covered with barbed wire. Maybe the maker thought it could be useful if one could get around the wire but you can't so it isn't. Gun placements are odd in places but excellenant in others. Behind the scenes is pretty good in this level too. The spawn points really need to be fixed. They are perhaps the biggest problem. The textures are great and the doors work with no problems. The objective markers don't register the break through in the walls though. All in all this is a good map. The balance can get bad if the Axis choose to be cheap but its still fun. Take it for a spin and I think you'll like it. Drill Sgt Dante ***** New File Updates ***** The beach and Allied spawning boats have been pushed back to make getting blown up as soon as you leave the boats less likely (Although it was very likely in the real invasions, this is a game and we want to have fun.). It's now a little harder to get out of the base with the documents which should bring the rest of the base into play more. The water isn't such a hassle and a doors been put in for extra cover. Spawn points have been fixed too. Yes! Overall the maps more balanced and the action is better spread out. Script errors have been fixed aswell. A good map just got better ***** New File Updates *****

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