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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Operation demons from the sky


The map takes place in a small village, the map is quite small but can still offer some fun. Quite good for the authors first GTK Radiant map. Objectives ------------------------------ 1 :blow
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up the wooden door located in the bottom left of the map 2 :steal the secret documents located in the bottom left of the map 3 :escort the docs to the local resistance located in the upper left of the map Map Review By HotShot [b]Objectives:[/b] 3 Objectives for the Allies to complete and the Axis to protect.(note: that i didn't give the full description of the objectives because they were to long and the parts i skipped werent important to include although i was[ ROFLMAO the 1st time i read them) 1.Destroy the doorway that holds the war documents. 2.Steal the Axis War Documents 3.Return the documents to the local Resistance. [b]overall:[/b]This map has a strange if not trendy name but dont let that fool you into thinking its great.When i 1st saw the name of this map i thought it was gonna be great if not atleast interesting.Ok heres the problems with this map is the player can get of map i.e.. where they shouldnt get like behind the buildings/walls See the screenshot i took. i was of map on the floor and jumped into the open space and took a screengrab b4 i died :). The other problems are the textureing isn't great take a look at some of the roof tops and you will notice the roof has different textures.Also the buildings you can go in are to small/tight.The last and main problem is the last objective (Take the Documents to the local Resistance) its hard to find where your supposed to take the documents as theres no signal on the compass and no signs to direct you. You actually have to make your way to an allyway/passage and when you get so far up it the game will end. What that has to do with the local resistance i have no idea?.Apart from them problems this map should provide a couple of hours fun in multiplayer its a fairly big map so best to try on your own 1st so you know your way around.A nice idea for a map but could do with improving but Should still be fun :). [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]

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