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MP Ardennes (Blitzkrieg)


This map is a rather small, fast paced multiplayer map. Perfect for 2 teams of 12 players. Scene is an Ardennes town, full of tight alleys and large courtyards. The centre of the town has a chapel
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which stores some expensive relics. Its the allies task to blow up the entrance to that chapel, steal the relic and escape with it to the Allied truck which will take the relic to London for further research. If the allies want to be able to escape this Ardennes town, they'll have to find a way to open the town gates. This can be done by destroying the town control center and pressing the switch found behind one of the controls. - Allied objectives: -------------------- - Destroy the Axis control center, - Find the hidden switch that controls the gates - Invade the town and destroy the Chapel entrance which stores the relic - Steal the relic and escape the town with the Allied truck. - Axis objectives: ------------------ - Defend the control center at all costs - keep the town gates closed - Dont let the relic get stolen,defend the chapel entrance - Allies cannot escape with the relic, prevent them reaching the Allied truck. [b]Review[/b] Ok the size of this one is quite big but it will be worth it even when you'r on a slow modem :) Alrdy while starting up the map you'll see a nice movie showing just how many houses that map has (tons) Though many of these houses look quite similiar to each other and it can be very confusing at first (it was for me) So the best way would be going trough the map a few times and try to find all the objectives, cos without knowing those you'll be quite useless. The machinegun emplacements are in very good and strategic places so whoever controls them can give some nice cover fire or keep a whole load of ppl from going past. Propably music is what makes it such a big download since there are really lots of it, I found some nice piano song playing while passing trough a house and found it quite relaxing actually, sit there for a couple of minutes :D While you have constant bombing on the background, birds singing etc. Very nice there. The architecture is quite varied actually even though the overall look of the buildings ends up being quite similar to each other, the tight alleys can make it look a bit linear and very confusing. However the author spent a lot time on building all those buildings. There are also quite a few sniper nests, some are obvious, some are not, sometimes you can find one from a place you wouldnt have even thought of. like climbing on a tree, or just doing some jumping and getting on some ledge. Another thing you'll notice is that there are tons of boxes around, no barrels, boxes, and too much of em, a bit nitpicking here but it could have had more variations. While seeing a broken cart was a nicer sight. The lightning could have been more atmospheric I suppose and some areas were totally unlighted while they shouldnt have been, but it doesnt affect overall gameplay that much. And I could just imagine that map with 25-30 peeps on it. Close quarters firefights on alleys, taking cover behind buildings and boxes, fighting over every alley trying to progress. Should be tense and deffinetly offer many variations and approaching styles. The download will be big but it will also be worth it, lots of hours was spent on this map and even though there have alrdy been quite a few village maps this one still manages to add something new with its objective based gameplay and detailed map architecture. You just wont be finding an empty corner.

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