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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Rocket In The Alps


I began the test run of this map as an allied Engineer. When I spawned I found myself surrounded by crates and mountains, with two possible paths I could take. I took the right one. As I wound my
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way around the bath I came to this cement path going up the side of the mountain so I took it. It let me to a tower where the first capture point was located. I then walked toward what appeared to be a big building There was certainly no small amount of barbed wire along my trek. I hit it a couple of times too. I entered this large area. All I saw was that big building and a tower. I climbed the tower, and I also found a stationary machine gun. Its not a bad setup. A sniper facing one direction, the machine gun in the other. As I came down I noticed a path going away from the area had another machine gun. I went to enter the building where I found another machine gun blocking the way! In addition to this there was still so much barbed wire I had to reply a couple of times. I took a path around that didn't have a gun. After dodging the wire and working my way through tunnels and paths I busted through the door and came to the Axis base. Intricately laid out it served its purpose. Easily defensible, yet not completely entrenched that attack is impossible. Here is where you would attack your targets. Graphically this is a decent map. My test system has a p3 850 and a geforce2 64mg. I run with high graphics and 1024X768. I had no problems, even in the larger areas. The layout can be confusing at first, but after a couple of plays you get used to it. There is sufficient lighting throughout the map. Certain areas are dark, but not so dark that you can't possibly see what you are doing. Its obvious that the Axis has the advantage. They have a heavily fortified entrenchment where they can pick you out and mash you to bits. While the barbed wire tore me apart many times, it will also do the same for both sides, so if a clumsy Nazi wanders into it he'll be killed as easily as an allied solider. All around an excellent, fun map that you will no doubt play many times over and not grow bored with within the first five minutes. Paul AKA Madmanfrommars

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