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F.I.B.U.A. is an acronym standing for “Fighting In Built Up Areas”. As the title eludes to, the map has a small urban setting with streets, alleys and houses. The objective of this map is the Axis
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supply convoy located in the northernmost section of the village. The Allies, in hopes to liberate the village, must destroy this convoy to weaken Axis field strength and force a retreat. The Axis must defend their supplies long enough for reinforcements to arrive. I spawned to hear the fire of guns. At first I was surprised because I was the only person there but then I realized that the gun fire was fake (I'm not very smart). I proceeded through a series of dark walkways. The first building I encountered that I could enter, I did. It was dark. Extremely dark. So dark I had no idea where I was going, and the only reason I knew I had to climb a ladder was by the cursor. I proceeded into the courtyard and completed the first of two allied objectives, which isn't too hard if there's no one against you. The courtyard was average. There were four trees in each corner, nothing special. Its not very defensible as there are not many places to hide so capturing it is easy, just make a run of a few people and you can't loose. I found myself in a grave yard with a suddle rendition of Moonlight Sonata playing. After destroying all the tombstones (yes, I am deeply disturbed) I ended up at the convoy area, to complete the second and final objective. Just plant a bomb and I'm done. Before I did that I looked around. Another building far too dark. That was all that was there so I planted the bomb and I won. All around a fairly well designed map. I know that mappers are supposed to be realistic, and dim light is fine, but having NO light in buildings is a little extreme. Also the objectives are too easy to complete. With simple undefendable areas, the allies have an advantage. This has potential to be a good map, just a few things to work out first. Paul AKA Madmanfrommars

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