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Kung Fu Grip


Ordinarily, I wouldn't be interested in a "toysoldiers" type map. This one, however, was different. Unlike I expected and despite it's playful theme, a good amount of time and effort was clearly put
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into Kung Fu Grip. Much of it is clever or just plain fun (and there's some good music too!) The maker didn't cut corners or do a quick job, but instead took the time to add the subtle details that make this map attractive. Unfortunately, a map of this type really doesn't fit into the game's theme. Though having the Allies on defense with the Axis required to complete the objective is a fresh change, it seems that in this case the odds are weighted in the Allies' favor. Review by Subwolfer This map is defintly one for any Toysoldiers or Home of the Gamer fan (Except the good part is that it has an objective). It is so big you'll never get bored. Riding a train around the room, sitting on the back of a remote control car, and even taking a bath are one of the many things this map has to offer. The axis and the allies have a good balance between winning and losing. The axis are trying to steal the rtcw key from the allies. They must break into a fish aquarium and deliver the key to the computer ASAP to transmit the key over the internet. To beat this game will take strategy on the axis team. Make sure you know your surroundings because enough falls can eat your life away. Travel through the "air ducts" to get into the room where the key is located or the old fashioned way of walking through the door. The music is great in this map. It is awesome because of the dynamics of the sound. The closer you get to the stereo the louder it gets. Also, there are two tracks of music in this map. One is to listen before you get the key and the other you will hear when you "hopefully" steal the key from the allies. A word of advice - Whenever you see carpet jump on it. That's all I'll say about that. One thing that I really noticed in this map was the detail. It is so awesome because you can just about read anything - even on the shampoo bottle. A picture hangs up of "you know who" and a Playboy magazine attracts any axis - Well, mainly because there is a spawn point nearby - Yeah, that's why it's popular... So for anyone who is looking for a map like Toysoldier with an objective or just a different map from the bunches of others - check out "Kung Fu Grip" I give it a 7 out of 10! Reviewed and Played by Sh0rD Wow, kung fu grip, what a map! I mean its got all the good stuff, action, interactive objects and chicks, there are some pretty messed up pictures around this crazy guys house. So have fun, welcome to the fully interactice cereal killer and RTCW gamer, lol. Well this map doesnt seem to have any errors, i did get on one of those little darts as it was shooting it and it shot me to the glass tank and anouther dart hit me but it didnt kill me, instead it pushed me threw the glass, but unforunately i couldnt get out, so i tried to kill the fish, no luck, i drowned. Well i usually review maps for like 10 mabye 15 min. And i played this map for like 30 min by myself lol, thats how great it is, it gets a little boring but if you turn gravity lower you get to have some more fun things to do, lol, and the music is kicking, i didnt try to do the objective, just run around and shoot crap. Well all i gotta say is this map rocks, get it, play it, and laugh like a litte girl when you get killed by the metal fish in the fish tank! Reviewed by KoRn-Warrior-

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