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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Radar Love


"The Axis have intercepted an Allied message, they must steal a code sheet to decipher it and report back their findings. The Allies are ordered to destroy the radar." Just the name Radar Love
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made this sound interesting. I began thinking, hmm, I love radar, I guess… Anyway I downloaded this map and gave it a shot. I began on the outskirts of an old remote town. It was a cloudy day and the only sound was that of an old windmill creaking in the distance. I entered the nearest building I could, which happened to be a barn. At first it seemed fairly uninteresting. There was hay (too bad you can't hide in it), and there were barrels. Useless barrels. I thought, hmm, nothing in here to interest me, until I saw a ladder. I climbed that ladder and I was led to a series of metal beams and bars that crisscrossed and interconnected throughout the ceiling of the barn. I was about to leave when I noticed something new again. A stairway, that led to the basement. Upon arriving in the basement I then discovered some secret tunnels. By taking one tunnel, I was forced to bust through a wall, to discover… I really don't want to give everything away. Half the fun is discovering for yourself. I took the rest of the intricate series of walkways and I ended up in another building which I took my leave of. Finally I ended up at the radar station. To gain access through the front door I would have to bust through the wall. Another entrance would be to go in the river and bust down the fence that covers the entrance to another tunnel where I would have to yet again bust down yet another wall. This is a fairly good map, and it has the potential to be even better. Busting down walls time and time again was getting frustrating. I was a lieutenant and after I used up my only grenade, I had trouble busting down remaining walls. This problem would also go for a medic and probably the other classes as well once their grenades have been used up. Once that bug is fixed, this can be a very fun and very enjoyable map. Paul AKA Madmanfrommars

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