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Project Schwalbe Me-262


After months of waiting...mp_schwalbe by TurboPoint has finally been released,after a beta test and some eye opening pics,the map fell to the wayside for well over 3 months. Now the wait is
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over..was it worth it..After loading the map on your selector you'll see real WW2 footage of the Me-262 in action..this is a good start Of course you'll have to decide for yourself? I've got this one on my favorites list and look forward to the next TurboPoint map! The layout is wonderful to look at a wide open snow covered ranges leading into a railroad warehouse,a foot bridge to cross an ice cold river,and by the way it's really cold,like the earlier map mp_Vemork,the water will do health damage,so swim fast. A mountain dividing the Allied forces from the Axis base,contains an eye opening mineshaft design,including a bottomless pit to be avoided. The lighting inside the mineshafts is one of beauty. Upon exit the Allies will enter the Axis compound containing their 2 objectives,stealing the secret documents,and destroying the very well done fabricated German Messerschmitt Me-262. Early into WW2 the German high command developed this new Jet wonder armed with 4 30MM cannons,24 R4M Rockets.Reaching speeds of 470 mph and a range of over 500 miles this was a terrible blow to the Allied bombers over Europe. Destroying the jet is a bonus,but the Allies need the technical info to help find weaknesses in the ME-262. The interior base has a few nice surprises,I won't give them away but I stopped and said The interior base has the familiar textures,but some slick new sounds are tossed in.As some of you may know I do sound work for mappers and weapon sounds for the Special Forces Mod. And Turbo has come up with some really nice sounds.Trees rustle as you climb them,the wooden bridges creak and nice mine shaft sounds too. The map will support up to 20 per team,the map is large and spacious in the objective areas.The Engineer class will be a popular choice with a lot to blow up,stick close to them,they're vital. Sights,sounds and gameplay are all here! Technically the map ran smooth on my machine high FPS and little stutter. The only fault I've found is the Allies ability to locate the documents. The compass locater would not lead me to them,it's possible the map designer did this on purpose? The documents aren't in clear view and will take some exploring to find them. The objectives are 2 fold,the escaping player carrying the documents won't win the round by getting to the waiting boat,until the Allies also destroy the jet. But a nice exit movie is shown upon the Allies winning the round. is Schwalbe worth the download? RtCW players..Christmas has come early!! Det Pak * Thanks to "1st Lt. J. Striker" for helping on this review ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Map description: The Axis have developed the first ever jet aircraft, the ME262, otherwise known as "The Schwalbe". The Allied inteligence have discovered the location of the base, and are providing covering air support. The allied ground forces must infiltrate the axis base and destroy the prototype. They must then steal plans and escape via the boat waiting at the river. The allies CANNOT escape until the ME262 is destroyed, even though they can steal the plans at any time. The axis must defend both the ME262 and the plans, and also try and keep control of the mines, which provide passage into the base. They can also slow down the allied advance by destroying the footbridge that crosses the river, forcing the allies over the train bridge or through the very cold river, which will sap their strength.

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