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The Philadelphia Experiment


On August 12, 1943 the USS Eldridge with a full crew aboard reportedly underwent the Philadelphia Experiment. The men did not know what was to happen.The generators were fired up. The switches were
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thrown. The ship disappeared and all seemed well.The truth of this experiment has been almost as famous as the Roswell incident involving,yet again the military and a flying saucer. The so-called or unknown truth has prompted books and even movies on the wartime event.Did the ship really vanish? reports have said men reappeared half lodged in bulk heads of the ship,burnt and some even disapearead like ghosts and re appeared before witness hours after the event. 2002 RtCW mapper "Rummie" has followed along with same style of mapping that "Menzel" created with Foo Fighter. The U.S. Navy are about to attempt to disquise or "cloak" an entire ship from radar and yes the human eye,this experiment,if successfull would rapidly speed up the end of WW2 for the United States. Rummie has added a twist to the now known event..The German high command has somehow learned of the experiment to take place and has breached the waters of the U.S. by submarine and sent in a team of Germany's best to destroy the power supply in the ship. Rummie has used his style of mapping to finally bring a navy based adventure to a mostly land based army game pretty well. If any of you have played his 2 previous maps Airstrip2 or Mitchell Down you know what you'll get here,multiple routes for the attacking team and large wide open areas for a lot of combat. So go download this and..try not to disapear before the game ends! Det Pak For a more detailed decription of the events visit this site: "Just to be clear, I do not believe the experiment ever took place. This map is ficticious and not meant to be realistic in any way. The ship is my vision of a WW2 ship and is not realistic in any way and certainly not historically acurate. The Naval Yard itself is not historically correct." Rummie On to the good stuff.... Axis forces have learned of the experiment and dispatched troops to the Philadelphia Naval Yard in an attempt to sabotage the experiment. An invisible ship would destroy the German U-boat advantage. The Axis must gain access to the ship and destroy the main power coupling. Allied Objectives: Primary Objective: Protect the Main Power Coupling at all costs Secondary Objective: Capture the warehouse flag to delay Axis rienforcements Secondary Objective: Protect the Weak Deck Plating Secondary Objective: Protect the Sewer Grating Axis Objectives: Primary Objective:Destroy the Main Power Coupling to sabotage the experiment Secondary Objective:Capture the warehouse flag Secondary Objective: Destroy the Weak Deck Plating Secondary Objective: Destroy the Sewer Grating Game Type(s): MP and SW modes Number of Teams: 2, Axis and Allies. Recommended # of Players: 12-48 supports 24 players per side

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