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Ahh what a map!? Where do you begin..Hmm as a reviewer you have to really pull a map apart and try to tell a reader like yourself what I think of it "Callfire" what a unique map..Yes download
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this beauty.Quake mapper RivrStyx has jumped over to bless us with arcitecture wonder. Here's the facts... The Allies need to blow up two radios..ok this has been done before..yea right,here's the challenge..finding the radios first!! I honestly can't place a location for this map.. war torn France?,the jungles of South America? Mexico,Germany?? little info was supplied to the background for the maps story. This map is a level designer's nightmare and a players dream! I was really impressed with the multiple..and believe me I mean multiple levels and routes this map has got!! The FPS are incredible for all the info you see packed on the screen at once,little stuttering and high rates running in the 50-90's range Getting lost is going to happen,there are levels within levels..this will definately confuse a newcomer to the server..I'm still running about myself consulting the compass.You can be on ground level going in one door cross the room,and whoa watch that 2 story drop off the balcony going out the other door. Sticking close to an engineer will help,he has the compass guiding him to the objectives.There are lots and I mean lots of small areas for the Axis camper to wait,small ledges,dark corners,climable's here just pick a spot. The campers may end up waiting on few victims and long spans for Allied soldiers to appear,this map has more twists and turns than a "Tom Clancy" novel.The Allies would best work sticking together in small teams following an Engineer to win. The map should prove to be a worthy balanced multiplayer experience there are no bottlenecked combat areas,multiple routes to the 2 objectives are all over.The sounds are really impressive all the subtle details are there,textures are widely used all over! Soldiers will find Panzer ammo in a supply room with grenades for all to scoop up,sorry Lt. but your not needed in this room..LOL A few custom Quake prefabs appear thruout the map,notably the "Gargoyle statues" that spit butterflys from the mouths at the Allied spawn area,yep you read that right Butterflys..all this war and carnage and butterflys flutter off into the trees..war is hell huh? Quake mapping appears to have been a main design here,to those of you that have played Quake3 arena deathmatch,your well aware of the multiple levels and areas those maps have,it's obvious Mr RivrStyx carried his talents and Quake leveling designs to this map! Also the water areas and the jungle sounds,sewer areas really remind me of some of Half Llife's best Counter Strike maps..this map is a mixture of 3 of online's best games... RtCW meets Quake vs Counter Strike! Ok is there any bad to this map? Well..this is always a personal choice.Upon the Allies spawn,the well known incoming mortars from our beloved "Beach" map are hurled and incoming..upon rounding the damaged building areas you see a hovering Green helicopter launching the rounds..Ok personally these really are out of place for this map.Helicopters were NOT in WW2 and the copters are green? even if the German High Command known for their advanced weaponary had developed the birth of this avation wonder,they aren't the traditonal grey with german markings.They just really don't fit into the RtCW theme well The textures are wonderful..but again they change gears a bit too fast feel your on one side of town in out the door drop a level and ..wait the jungles of South America the next?? Then you seem to be in a barn Hay Loft the next in Kansas!! A bit of texture overkill in a few areas. I really hope RivrStyx does a bit more studying into WW2 history,tones the multiple levels and changing textures down a small bit and brings us another map..soon. get's a well done map!..minus my picky dislikes..let me know what you think..and see you in the jungles..err buidings..I meant rooftops..ohh see you in "Callfire" Det Pak

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