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Return To Castle Wolfenstein



The war is going to win by the allies. The mainforces of the axis are destroyed. The OSS has introduced us, with apprehensive informations. Because some little bases ar still working, the axis got
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the possibilty to end their experiments succesfully. The experiment was to freeze and reanimate living humans. The OSS assumes, that the axis are going to freeze leading persons of party and military, to reanimate them in the future. Then these persons should support and organize the rebuild of the empire. Our airforces found a little base in the Alps, which got all possibilities to accomplish such a project. Review........... A really huge map where the allies are attempting to steal the postion maps and deliver them to the awaiting truck. Right lets get the bad things about this map over with. Basically this map is to big for its own good, there is lots of detail in the map which can prove to be good but I always had bad fps and my connection was often interupted. Frame rates dropped drastically for me when cannisters had been thrown or if there was alot of people playing the map and firing at once. Also I found it very hard to find the objectives and only stumbled across them by accident. The 1st fault you will find with this map when playing on the allies side is that the dynamite symbol doesn't show up at the base entrance. It says you are near the base entrance which helps in a small way. Another problem with this map is the compass. It is totally useless in this map due to the way the objectives are placed. So dont bother trying to use it or else you will just end up going round in circles. Also the forward spawn flag can be seen from inside the train craidge. By this I mean if the Allies have captured the forward spawn and you stand inside the carridge then you will see the axis flag sticking through the roof. Another problem is the placement of the Axis spawn, at the start of the round they spawn way to close to the Allies giving them an easy advantage over the Allies at the start of a match. More so if there is a decent sized amount of players involved. Now for the worst Problem in any map I have ever seen. When you shoot in this map you get some kind of weird black dot apearing on your screen resulting in a dramatic loss in your view. This results in making it near impossible to aim at your enemy and kill them. You are basically relying on luck. :( Now the good points :) The main good points in this map are that although it is a huge map it doesnt look empty. The maker has filled it up nicely with trains buildings aswell as boxes and automobiles aswell as other stuff. There is plenty of routes to take in this map making it hard to defend aswell as complete the objectives. The texturing is good in most places along with the lighting. The thing that stands out the most in this map for me is the sounds. Hou can hear what I assume is Hitlers voice blasting out all sorts on the speakers that are placed around the map. Overall this map has great potential and if the maker chooses to fix those problems im sure it will be a big hit. As it stands in its current state though I wouldnt recommend it unless you have a decent pc with a decent connection or unless you want to hear the sounds I enjoyed so much. HotShot

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