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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Hydro Dam


"Both the Axis and Allies have dynamite and destroy objectives followed by collect and return of docs/gold objectives." "Outside section is basically a mirror map to provide an equal chance for
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each team to win, there is also an underground section that links either side as well as the middle section." The very name of the map intrigued me. It has a good premise of what an actual WWII battle would have been. The Allies and the Axis fighting over a dam that was probably necessary to provide power for them. I flipped on my test server and began as the allies. I found myself spawning into a cellar. I enjoyed the rendition of Moonlight Sonata, which was found on the radio. I made my way up the staircase and I came into a large open area. Now when I say open area you might think this giant area where snipers will pick you off like flies. Although there is an open area where people might cross to get to the other base, there are structures and barriers along the way, which can help you. Along either side is water. The water can provide good cover when attempting to cross to the other side. Its harder for snipers to pick you out, just make sure that an enemy isn't swimming towards you. Now there are several entrances to each base. Had I been playing with people I would probably not go through the main entrance so I took a side door. I ended up in the Axis cellar where I heard some more beautiful music of which I didn't know the name. Another way to cross the bases is an underground passageway that connects them. I immediately see the potential for rocket personnel, which, if they were camped there, would blast your heads off if you were not careful. The bases are basically identical except for of course, various flags. Now although I am a fan of music most of you are probably more interested to hear how this map looks and how it plays. Aesthetically this map is very well designed and is very well laid out so neither side gets an advantage over the other. With many different avenues of attack possible you will defiantly not get bored because you are forced to do the same moves over and over again. It is a nice map to look at, and even with the open area in all its glory and detail, it is not so huge that it lowers your frame rate a great deal. I run on high graphics and 1024 X 768. And on my aging system, a P3 850, with a geforce2, I noticed no choppyness (if that's a real word). All in all this might seem like a fairly average map. But with fun objectives and many different ways to accomplish them this is defiantly a map that you will play for a long time over. Paul AKA Madmanfrommars

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