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Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Operation Vorsichtig


NOTE: A patch is available for this. "March 4, 1944 Somewhere on the outskirts of Nazi Occupied Europe You are B. J. Blazkowicz, promoted Captain of the US Army Rangers. You are one of the
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most brave and experienced men of the Allied Forces of World War II. You are given only the most dangerous of assignments, and this time they have found something really appropriate for you. They are sending you on a special Covert Operation far into Nazi occupied territory. Alone, you will have to penetrate a hidden Nazi stronghold, going only by the name of the 'Outpost'. Your main mission objective is: To locate and eliminate one of the Nazi legion's most dangerous leaders. An officer who survived the fall of Castle Wolfenstein. His name is Oberst Bertrand B. Vorsichtig." Here's a really well done single player adventure,the story is a bit of a sequel to the original RtCW sp,but a new adventure in it's own right. BJ has been promoted to captain,and has a very tough assignment,going into the heart of Nazi territory to eliminate a surviving officer that is attempting to pick up the work left off by Deaths Head from the original game. The mission opens as BJ is taking a boat to the very secured area which Vorsichtig is working. Tef Johs has created a very familiar feel to the game,but has also not in the least copied or cloned any of the original adventures ideas or terrain. A very military feel is attached to the opening levels,no zombies,warriors or the occult are involved. The game is set to the toughest levels by default,the German AI is very difficult to kill.Armed with only a colt 45 and knife at the start,you'll have to really earn that first dropped MP-40. Once the game gets going,you better remember where the quick save button'll need it.BJ will take on some very tough situations,entering rooms outnumbered,and facing overwhelming odds..I loved it. Each level will require you to complete certain objectives to progress onto the next level..and Tef has tossed in some secret areas,so keep your eyes peeled. Technically the maps are smooth and not quite linear,you'll have to move around and sometimes double back to move on. Locked doors requiring access will have you searching other rooms for that elusive lever to be pulled..reminds me a bit of the original "Tomb Raider" series..go backwards to go forwards sometimes. Without giving away to much plot or surprises,Tef has made an excellent combat feel to the adventure,and it'll require you to stop and think before rushing in to face an unseen enemy behind a newly unlocked door! Also stop and take note to the excellent mapping of the offices of certain German officers,Tef has custom made typewriters,PA and intercom systems and extensive custom modeling in the later "Lab" areas,no new sounds are included..Drats,I'd loved to have helped in that dept :) but Tef has reused some of the original game's in new places and done some fancy editing to the German conversations,changed them up a bit,yea we heard those lines in the original RtCW,but not quite in the same way.Most all the weapons will be made available as to enemies your familiar with. Does the game have any bad points...well yea,2 things that could of been better. 1) Doors swing inwards towards you,and really made moving,or escaping difficult in comabat situations,and second,the meeting with Vorsichtig wasn't really built up,I had killed him,and the game was over..and I had no idea it was him. But take the time to download this treat,and take time to E mail Tef as well and thank him for the months..yes the months he spent to put this together. if you need those elusive cheats or want to get past the opening scenes feel free to E mail me,I don't want to give away how to do it here. Tef I hope you can eventually bring us another sp adventure! Det Pak

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