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shrub OLTL Mod


This mod is completely server-side. Players don't need to download anything to benefit from it's features. OLTL Mod makes many changes to gameplay that would be useful to one-life, limited-lives, and
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unlimited-lives gameplay. Most of these changes are optional, at the administrator's discretion. The main improvements include: -With ammo packs, Lts. give out syringes to medics and handgun ammo to everyone. -Gibs are reported to players similar to the way kills are, and points are earned for gibs. -Players are told how many players are left on each team. -Nearest medic to a player in limbo is notified of such. -Improved method of preventing joins to a game in progress. -Panzerfaust can be disabled. -Comprehensive logging and statistics. -Players can be thrown in a random direction. [quote]Short Description: shrub OLTL Mod, beta 2.02 includes several features designed to enhance One Life to Live play (though admins will most likely find some features useful for non-OLTL servers) including comprehensive stats, gib reporting/points, axis/allies left reporting, disabling start votes, "shoving" other players out of the way, and more! All this with no client downloads required! Long Description: Please see the readme.txt file for full details about this mod! Here's what's new for Beta 2.02: Here's a highlight of some of the features added: - Comprehensive statistics tracked on a per-round basis. These include kills, team kills, gibs, team gibs, revives, ammo given, health given, shots fired, shots landed, head shots, shots landed ratio, and head shots ratio. These stats can be accessed at any time using /stats. They are also automatically printed in console at the end of a round. - /classes will display the number of each class on your team that are still alive and have respawns left. - When you die, the nearest friendly medic is told that you have died and he/she is the nearest medic. If you haven't been revived after a period of time, the nearest med at that time is also reminded. - Ammo packs now add pistol ammo. - Added server command "fling" to throw someone up in the air and in a random sidewards direction. - LT Damage return from 2.01 now auto-disables when an enemy is nearby. Features useful particularly for OLTL play: - If you die without any meds left on your team, you are told this. This is in addition to a number of tweaks, optimizations and bug fixes on existing code and the addition of several more cvars for added customization. Please check the readme for full information. Once again, this is an entirely server-side mod, requiring no client downloads! If you'd like to try it out, check out either (30 person) or (20 person). The 30-person server is quite busy during the evenings, and players spill over into the 20-person one. Thanks to all of you who have played it! In the first three days of release, tracks over 380 unique players who have tried the mod.[/quote]

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