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Jedi Knight II: Dragon Remix


Covax has again released something spectacular. I know it just seems like model replacements, etc. but when you get the music packs with it and play the mod the way it was meant to be, Single Player
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looks (and feels) different somehow. What's more is that this mod utilises files made by our very own community! The Authors of all the files can be found in the readme as well as in-game (you'll see ;)) All in all, a brilliant mod and one I thoroughly enjoyed! Bits about the Mod: [quote][Story] First I was just going to do a skin pack for myself and my freind at the Writer's Block, dubbed 'WB: Tornament'. Then I stared throwing in dragon pictures on all of the skins and I realized that Desann would be an ultimate 'Dragon Warlord'. I figured the Ladder mod needed some spicing up and there are a TON of 'little' modifications that get ignored. So now I decided to 'Remix' the full game and create a MOD that would add a cool spin to a classic game. The music files are seperate from this one. [Description] This is a 'total conversion' of the Single Player experience. - Most of the skins and weapon models have been changed in some way. - Red and Blue sowrd styles are now Desann's and Tavion's respectively - Sparks and smoke replaced by blood. Stumps are dark red rather than yellow. - Better acrobatics: Cartwheel and Butterfly Kick relaces the rolls. - Jump: 'Force Jump' style and 'Force Getup'. - Dismemberment is now fully enabled. This also has the effect of making the swords very lethal. - Every one of the weapons leaves the cool glowing mark that the disruptor usually leaves. - Force Lightning replaced with a Fire effect. [Weapons] Kyle and Luku's Lightsaber - Katana Shadow Sword - Desann Lightasber Ninja Sword - Everyone else Colt .357 Pistol - Bryar Pistol & Imperial Blaster M-16 Rifle - Blaster Rifle Bowcaster - Crossbow SPAS-12 Shotgun - G.A. Flechette Weapon AWP Sniper Rifle - Disruptor Minigun - Imperial Repeater [Cast] Dragon Remix Kyle - Kyle Katarn Anatares - Jan Ors Covax - Luke Skywalker Shaft - Lando Calrissian Blackwolf - Jedi Knight Warrick - Jedi Trainer Born 2 ReSpawn - Bespin Cop Nyles - Republic Soldier Thanatos - Morgan Katarn's Ghost Kingu - Desann Andraste Mordon - Tavion Unkown Variable X - Shadowtrooper* Ninja-in-Training - Reborn[/quote] And alot more, just check the readme out! [b]Note:[/b] This mod has separate music files to lighten the download load. There are 5 different music packs that basically change the background music during cinematics and during the game. Trust me it really completes the mod! Music Pack 1 - Music Pack 2 - Music Pack 3 - Music Pack 4 - Music Pack 5 -

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