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Here is another amazing mod to totally improve on JK2. ProMod is essentially changing the way the saber works in the game, but there are also a couple other changes as well. Let's get right to what
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the Author has to say about the mod: [quote]ProMod is a complete rewrite of the saber combat system for Jedi Knight 2 that removes all randomly-based outcomes and replaces them with algorithms based solely on player input and skill. The new Combat Strength Crosshair is used to measure how accurately the player is aiming at his closest saber-wielding opponent. This value is then used to determine the strength of that player's offensive and defensive capabilities. Events such as a saber knockaway, a block, a parry, and defense breakers are all determined by pitting one player's aim against that of his opponent. Factors such as Saber Skill levels and current Saber Stance are also taken into account. There will be no fluke victories in ProMod. ProMod is made to replace the official 1.04 version of the game in competition and professional tournaments. Here's an abbreviated list of changes that I've made in the new version: - New Offensive/Defensive Bonus system and Bonus Meters in the HUD. - All movement now has an effect on your Combat Bonuses--watch your Meters as you move around. - Force Sight now has difficulty seeing higher levels of Mind Trick. - Force Sight's ability to dodge sniper fire is now dependent upon the Combat Strength Crosshair (CSC). - Saber Defense's ability to block sniper fire is now dependent on the CSC. - New console variables allow you to customize the ProMod HUD elements, including the color of the CSC. - All saber damages (including saber throw) have been increased by 50% versus anyone wielding a gun. - All private FFA duels end with the winner receiving 100 health and 25 shields. - All reported bugs from Beta 1 have been fixed. - Many more...[/quote] There is more to read in the readme on changes from Beta 1. The mod works well! Ok I admit I only tested it against bots, but the whole system seems sound. It was confusing at first with the 2 new meters on the sides and the circle around the hud, etc. so be sure to read the readme and know what it's all about!!! [i]Here you can see the two new meters on the sides and the new crosshair[/i]

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