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Possibly one of the best mods I have seen so far for multiplayer, JediMod lets you do a number of things with your saber and more! Here is a little list of things in this mod by the Author:
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[quote]This is version 1.0 of JediMod. It includes: [list][*] Can have two sabers at once [*] Two new stances [*] New special move [*] Can scale how often blocks occur [*] Saber scaling [*] Emotes /sit /taunt /kiss [*] Chose to nerf or un-nerf back stab dammage [*] Chose to allow players to spin mouse during backstabs [*] funSize [*] Kick Tag [*] kicking off walls while not on ground [*] The goal of this mod is to customize your saber and to let you have the color you want. (because a lightsaber is personal and everyone is different so they need to be diferent in game) so you can define the color of your saber with the R G and B parameters. in the setup screen choose TCK MOD and define the colors with the sliding bars or setting the exact values. [*] Your oponents will see the custom color of your saber and bots may have custom colors too (for bots open bots.txt in the pk3). [*] The double bladed light saber are not cheat protected anymore but a server cvar : g_enabledoublesaber allows or not the activation of double bladed sabers. [*] Added a new feature extended blade (like Corran horn's saber or Gantorris' saber).toggoled by the command tck_dualphase(or go to the controls/other setup screen) .Admins can remove it with g_enableextended 0. [*] Added 2 diferent colors for each players. The normal one, and one for the extended saber or the second blade of your double bladed saber. [*] Added the model scaling possibility. So you can have yoda at a good height :).[/list][/quote] And a host of other things as well. In the zip you will find a "cvar.txt" file which will tell you about all the commands and how to use the features in this mod (Please read it first thoroughly before posting comments on how to get something to work! Most likely that file will answer your question :D). [b]Install:[/b] Extract all the files to your "GameData" directory. Run the game and choose "JediMod v1.0" from the MODS list. [b]Note:[/b] To enable the double sabers, you must first holster your saber and then type in the command. : It's probably a good idea to bind the 'emotions' to a key (like sit, nod, shake, etc.) : To change the colours for your saber, while in-game, press "esc" key and then go to 'Setup'. Select the 'TCK' option at the very end and you can give each of your sabers a different colour! The 'sit' emotion: The double saber in action ;): Fight fight fight!!! :D

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