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Unreal Tournament 2004

Knives\' \"Greatest Hits\" Volume 1


[quote] DM-1ON1-FORGOTTEN2004: The UT2004 remake of my fun and very simple (both graphics and gameplay wise) deathmatch map. It\'s not like most maps that bear the \"1on1\" insignia, but it does
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do good in 1v1 play. It carries my signature brand of frantic, fast-paced action with easy access to powerful weapons and health. Has a lot of z-axis action but the majority of the combat will take place on the lowest floor, which is the most diverse in terms of obstacles. I think this map is a lot of fun and according to UT2004 stats, it has been played online quite a bit. Enjoy! CTF-ANTHEM2004 BETA 1: The first version (probably only one for a while, too) of yet another remake of my original Anthem. Anthem and its first remake (AnthemEvolution) were a hugely popular staple of the UT2003 Files Wicked Game Server back in the UT2003 days. After playing it, it\'s easy to see why: white-knuckle, in your face, intense action with a strong emphasis on teamwork. The bases have 4 outside entrances but only 2 ways into the flag room, so you MUST cooperate in order to survive. All the awesome weapons are again easily available so that anyone can kick arse from the moment they spawn and everyone is on an equal playing field, so that true skills determine who comes out on top. This is my most beautiful and best playing map ever, and I\'m sure you\'ll love it. BR-DRD-FLARIZED v2: This map, a relic of the days when IG BR was still cool, is still played online occasionally. It\'s basically the same popular Flarized with two important differences: a new sniping room above each goal and an awesome jungle makeover. Other than that, a typical IG-oriented BR map. BR-REMNANTFINAL: My 2nd ever BR map was anxiously received by my IG BR playing buddies in UT2003 when it first came out, but a horrible bug was exposed: the skybox had a HOM effect! AHH! It took me 3 versions to fix it (along with some humiliation), but now it is finally fixed. This is a typical IG BR map (another relic from the good old days), but with a really cool junkyard theme and a general feeling of loneliness that pervays throughout the map. To speak for how fun this map is in IG BR: even with the terrible HOM bug, the earliest version of this map was still played and loved to death back in UT2003 on certain servers. Fun stuff for a bit of nostalgia. [/quote]

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