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Hydroball Map Pack


I love Hydroball. Not only is it a new type of game, it’s unique, and it’s not JA+, or any of those other mods. Anyways, this is a set of three maps for Hydroball. So…WOOT! Anyways, this is a
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group of three maps. The point of the maps is to play Hydroball, although in most of the maps you can always watch from the sidelines. For some reason on all these maps, be it because I’m an idiot (likely), or there’s a problem with the mod, I could see them in the map menu, but I couldn’t select them. BUT! I was still able to get into the maps via the console.. Anyways, the first map was nice, because you spawned on top of the Hydroball arena. In fact, you stand on top of it! :p Anyways, you just jump down and then start playing. The second arena was like the first, only you went down some ramps, and the goals were triangular shaped. I liked this arena, mainly because it somehow reminds me of a hockey ring. No, I don’t play hockey, it’s just a cool sport. The last map was nice like the others, except for this time you’re in an aquarium! It’s got a castle, and bushes, and a sandy bottom! :p Although I wish there was something looking like a desk or something that the aquarium would rest on. It’s just floating in space for now. Also, there wasn’t any real lighting in the map. Yes, the area was lit, but no light went on the characters, so they and all the other objects in the map (like flags and such) was black. Not all the objects were black, but having black characters isn’t a good thing. I don’t remember if you could watch matches in this map or not. This is a nice little map pack for Hydroball. I mean really, you don’t need much for a Hydroball map. So if you like Hydroball, or want to get into it, then download this! Bot Support: No (It’s hydroball) New Music: No New Textures: No New Models: No Gametypes: Duh, Hydroball. ~Zach

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