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Concept Future - Federation


Fixed the download problem. Description, from the readme: [quote] It's been nine years and seven months since the crew of Voyager brought her home safely, and thirteen years after the Enterprise
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successfully defended Sector 001 against another borg threat. Since that time the alpha quadrant has been a little quiet in general following the end of the war with the Dominion. The Alpha quadrant has seen minor skirmishes between the Klingon Empire and it's various foes because of it's undying need for violence and death, the war between the Borg and Species 8472 did soften for a while after Admiral Janeway returned from the past to recover Voyager and to detroy the Borg's central command functions. But since then the borg re-formed with a new leader, rampaging through the delta quadrant, discovering new technologies that were previously unknown to them, they have become even more powerful, with the same central idea as before - perfection - at any cost. The Domion retreated to the Gamma quadrant for a few year, while they rebuilt their ships. Then in 2380 they entered the Alpha quadrant again through the wormhole guarded by the Deep Space 9 station. DS9 was destroyed and the Dominion fleet managed to get behind Cardassian borders where they met up with the Breen and the Cardassians, before engaging in a trade agreement with the Ferengi. ultimately this created the Dominion, Breen, Ferengi and Cardassian Alliance. In recent years the Federation and Starfleet have managed to rebuild their fleet to its entirety, introducing new and improved starships, derived from technologies gained from the Delta quadrant and from the Gamma quadrant, to deal with the threat of other malicious species in the Galaxy. The invention of Slipstream drive has meant that the Federation has expanded to cover more than one third of the milky way, and that it has managed to recover new types of metal and technologies. Their new fleet includes the Eximus Class - a destroyer, the Prometheus Class - which while older than a few other ships, is still the most powerful ship in the fleet armed with shield destroying torpedoes, a Slipstream drive and multi quantum torpedo launchers and phasor banks, as well as the introduction of ablative armor on the intrepid class of vessel. There were attempts made by Starfleet to adapt the armor for other classes of ship, but it proved to be impracticable on other classes of vessels. Since then the Borg have attempted many times to assimilate technology that has originated from another quadrant or from the future, but each time they have failed. But in the immediate past the Federation and it's ships have noticed phases in and out of our time, space and continuum, or universe. Theorists have thought of many ideas about why this is happening, such as Parrallel universes, Q, even Voyager was examined, but her Captain's older self's was not to blame. The Federation are becoming more desperate to find out why, where and to who else this might be happening to. Recently, and most seriously a Romulan warbird was phased out of time and space and it re-appeared inside of a soverign class vessel, destroying both ships. So as a result of this and other factors Starfleet, the Klingon Empire, the Borg and all the other major powers in Alpha and Beta quadrants have been ordered by their governments to investigate this problem, by firstly travelling to the source of the time-space shifting, on the fringes of the galaxy.[/quote]

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