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Unreal Tournament 2004

Jango and Boba Fett


[quote] Mars had sent me his version of the Mandalorian (Boba/Jango Fett), which proved to be a challenge to work. I've had this model in the works for a few months and have finally finished it.
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There may be a new version of this file in the future...possibly a joint effort with Mars. Boba Fett: I've used elements of a skin made by Cev Lost, who made a outstanding effort to improve the original Mandalorian armor. I've spen hours doing color correction on these skins, but tried to leave the original armor scratches intact. I've also created custom shaders to give the armor a nice metallic effect. The original character that Cev Lost created, called Korbain Thor, wore primarially red armor. I've changed that back to a more natural green color for Boba Fett and made his pack red and green instead of mostly red. Jango Fett: I've made Jango the the way I would invision him and how he may appear in the Clone Wars. I've toned down the blue color clothing and helmet colors and gave him a more "metallic" feel. I think too many of the Jango models out there feature skins that appear to "cartoonish", rather than making them look more natural. Both Models: The models use several textures as I've re-UV mapped each model. I originally had the model down to two textures, but later discovered that I could still play on-line just fine with multiple textures. So, I used my original 4 textures instead of two. I had to use a separate texture for the chest decal. I orginally combined all textures into two textures, but the decal wouldn't display correctly. The problem is, the decal uses transparancy and I couldn't seem to make a shader that contains the body, hands and decal as a single texture. Hence the separate decal texture. I think the decals could be more accurate and Boba has two shoulder decals, which isn't really the way it's supposed to be. Jango's chest decal isn't in the movie far as I know. Anyway, I thought the decals looked cool. Sounds: Well, sounds for these two bounty hunters are hard to come by since they rarely talk anyway. I'd have to make them my self, which would take some time to do. sounds for now. I may create a sound pack in the future. [/quote]

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